The Paris Hilton you never knew | This Is Paris (Official Trailer)

This September 14th, meet the real Paris Hilton for the very first time. She’ll embark on a journey of healing and reflection, reclaiming her true identity along the way. Subscribe to be notified:

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  1. It’s so hard being rich and famous
    You just don’t understand what it’s like not to have to work and just lay around and think about your problems all day

    😳 😆
    She’s as fake as it gets

  2. I wish nothing in this world will be played

  3. She never worked for anything

  4. Iparis my name is Gabriel I bring you a message love sanctity honour

  5. You are the 1% of the "happy life" privileged. My living arrangements would fit in to your bathroom. Try going homeless for an undetermined amount of time. Try squatting down in the middle of ta sidewalk in San Francisco and taking a crap. Try going for a month with $30 in your bank account, OR NOT EVEN HAVING ENOUGH TO OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT!

    You think you have it hard?

    Your life isn't even real.

  6. Estamos cansado de las kardashian queremos algo diferente ya

  7. I love u Paris ur an inspiration to us all xxxxxx


  9. What did see die or something? What a shame.

  10. I've wanted to know this for a long time now. I wanted to know the REAL PERSON

  11. That facade she created of herself was very believable. Paris was rich girl heiress personified but you didn't hear much or at all about her doing bad things to people

  12. hey paris you should take a broke skinny nobody like me and turn me into a million dollar dream guy

  13. This isn’t Paris where’s the Eiffel Tower?

  14. wow she is pretty. prettier than she used to be

  15. All rich girls are happy duh….

  16. The vocal fry is off the charts

  17. Not relevant anymore. Goodbye. 👋

  18. Rich people and their fabricated problems.

  19. I hated that voice but hearing how her real voice actually sounds like I actually love it I like the real her I can relate to the real her I’m not a hater it just felt so fake to me and these were my feelings as a kid now as a teenager I can understand her and I love her more than ever

  20. So the school she went to & had the traumatic experience at was right next to mine. She went to Provo Canyon, it’s a treatment center for troubled youth. She literally went to a high security school which was for really REALLY bad kids. My school was considered a “step down” type of school with minimal security. It was a known fact that Paris went to Provo Canyon, it was literally one of the first things i was told. This was back early/mid 2000s. I’m interested to see if she talks about why she had to go there. But I definitely heard horrible things about Provo Canyon, so what she’s going to say i 💯 believe it’s true.

  21. In the world of chasing money people often forget that money truly is evil. I used to wish to have been born into a rich family, until I realized the blessing of being born into a poor- eventually lower middle class one. The authenticity of your relationships with people is key.

  22. lmao this is so self centered. "feel bad for me it makes me feel better! watch this entire Youtube Original about how sad my life really is ):"

  23. As much as her fans love her, it's amazing to see her open up and love herself because that's what really matters.

  24. 💝🏁.. Stay Flyy Queen (no excuse) tapn🔜🙏🏿🤫📴

  25. I just shared this on my FB. I went to PCS as a teen. It was the worst treatment center I had ever been too. And sadly, I've been to a few. I was a foster child from 11-18.5 before being adopted. The yelling, the abuse, the isolation, being forced fed medication. I am saddened that Paris experienced her own personal trauma. The fear of speaking out as a teen is beyond terrifying. You feared the aftermath of what could happen after the caseworker is gone or in cases of the other teens, the parents/family. Speaking ill of the staff, the facility, pretty much got you bullied and picked on worse than just the typical everyday "normal" abuse.

  26. i love you paris!! even though you had to play a character i always wanted to know the real you. i always knew you had a heart of gold and tons of depth to your personality. can’t wait to watch this

  27. Yaaaas Gurl. Finally!! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. I wish I had enough money/fame where I could just DJ whatever I wanted. Oh well I'm decent off enough

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