BLACK ADAM Trailer Teaser (2021) Dwayne Johnson, Superhero Movie HD

BLACK ADAM Trailer Teaser (2021) Dwayne Johnson, The Rock Superhero Movie HD
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  1. the rock playing satan/lucifer

  2. Wait, is he a villan or a hero than?

  3. Is it conna be animated?

  4. Like the rock but pass this 1.

  5. Sounds like super-villain movie …😉 Love rock!!

  6. I thought this was a sequel for the Scorpion King

  7. It's gonna be wack I know it. But hopefully I'm wrong because no one likes a wack movie. 🙄

  8. 1:10 , is that the Eclipso crystal?

  9. What is that stone? Is it infinity

  10. This is like a dark Moana except with no Moana and all Maui.

  11. I think Superman will stop Adam. My money is on him. 🙂

  12. The dawayne Johnson is gonna fuck up this role seriously I swear this movie is going to be a flop coz of him he is not the right man for that role……

  13. Isn't this Film Racist? "Black Adam is a critique on a medieval sense of justice attributed unfairly to the Middle East. On an individual level, Black Adam’s heroic intentions are subverted by the violent extremity in which he enacts his justice. On a contextual level, where we review the character as an American creation, Black Adam’s moral shortcomings are carefully constructed to display the superior idea of the United States through the misrepresentation of Arabic ideals."

    🤔Why does black always have to be evil or villainous?

  14. For a split second I thought this was an official teaser trailer but then I remembered that they haven't even shot the film yet. You guys are annoying 😫🥱

  15. I think it should be called neutral Adam ,I’m offended 🤭

  16. looks like black lightning, the suit

  17. They should have been called Samoan Adam.

  18. What is this? Injustice 2 new pack trailer?

  19. why animation when Dwayne Johnson doesnt even need it to be muscular

  20. Next up:
    Military helicopter identifying as Eva

  21. Djimon Hounsou would've been a much better choice to play black Adam, Dwayne should stick to FaF shite and maybe Jumanji.

  22. Is there gonna be an ISIS? Lol I hear she was with Black Adam

  23. For a sec there I thought he was gonna be a good guy, or something like venom,lets hope not