SAVED BY THE BELL Reboot Official Trailer (2020) New Series HD

SAVED BY THE BELL Reboot Official Trailer (2020) Revival, Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkeley, New Series HD
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  1. To Be Honest Ive only seen a couple episode of the original save by the bell but this looks more promising and hilarious also they have so much representation, I see people of all sizes and color and lgbt representation

  2. They honestly can't come up with anything new or original in 2021? All they do is reboot the iconic stuff from the past while criticizing, and dumping on it at the same time.

  3. Not going to work. The only way this works is if ALL the cast members are back and the stories focus on THEM.

  4. From what I saw in the trailer I don't like them they seem very stiff they seem more like a parody, especially JJ Totah does not look good as the popular and sexy girl seems cheap copy of Mean Girls.

  5. Saved by the bell is for us 80s 90s kids why the reboot is catering to the new generation makes no sense I like the idea of what someone said they shouldve had kids and their kids attending bayside high

  6. This didn’t even have a saved by the bell feel to it

  7. Well it’s official, they’ve literally ran out of ideas in Hollywood.

  8. Board meeting

    "Let's do Saved by the Bell reboot, with like a Kobra Kia spin to it!"

    Snorts line

    "That's Great Jimmy, Approved!"

    Snorts another…

    Not a good idea

  9. I will not be watching, Lark Voorhies is not involved.

  10. How is possible that Jessy looks way hotter now compared to 30 years ago???

  11. Why did they have to ruin this? If the original cast aren’t in it, I’m not interested. T_T (And not even Screech is in this? Come on. 🙁 That really disappointed me since he’s my favorite on the original show. 🙁 (I even read Dustin Diamond was even disappointed that they didn’t even bother asking him to come back to reprise the role. 🙁 ) PLEASE, Hollywood, if you can’t even bother getting the original cast back to reprise their roles for the original characters, and instead hiring this AWFUL stupid crappy new cast who can’t act with completely unnecessary crappy new so called “hip” new generation characters that shouldn’t even be there, don’t even bother bringing the show back. T_T This is gonna fail and I bet it won't last long. T_T

  12. Why couldnt they just leave it at the awesome Jimmy Fallon sketch. This is dreadful. Horrible. Awful

  13. Well that was cringey.

  14. This looks awesome !!!!! I cant wait for the episode where Screech gets arrested for stabbing people at a bar.

  15. More and more reboots.. thats What its all about now a days

  16. Wait is this a reboot or like a sequel? Cause I thought reboot is the same characters and storylines but with different actors from this generation?

  17. Wait so has zack Morris has not been placed in maximum security prison yet?

  18. It's filmed weird and the social media generation just ruins the auroa.

  19. It's like watching Keanu Reeves in that new Bill and Ted's.

  20. Every time I hear "I'm so excited" I have to think of Jessie 🤩🤩

  21. Hmm it doesn’t look that tbh 🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. Slater does not age???? Mario is the only one who has barely aged

  23. Memories of being suspended for 40 school days in seventh grade and all I did the whole time is watch vhs recordings of this show…Good times

  24. Is that an "Ed Alonzo" look-alike at the 0:26 timestamp, or a cameo from the Wizard himself?! 🔮🕊🎩🤓


    Man now I know why Dustin Diamond is the way he is. Poor bastard!

  26. Yikes! Please leave my childhood alone 😖 This trailer was harder to watch than Jessie’s breakdown

  27. I think it looks stupid, but I still like the OG enough to give this a try

  28. Yeah they just messed this all up😏 could’ve just had the old cast reunite