GOLLUM Official Trailer (2021) The Lord Of The Rings New Game HD

GOLLUM Official Trailer (2021) The Lord Of The Rings New Game HD
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  1. They couild have made a film instead. Damn!!

  2. for a second, i got oddworld vibes ahah

  3. Wygląda jak Grendel z Beoulfa nie Gollum.

  4. Eh, if it looks dope ig, idk if I would like to play as gollum tho, personal pref

  5. I thought it was a movie and was so god damn happy about it … Turns out i am wrong🤷‍♂️😂

  6. Imagine: multiplayer free-roam, gollums everywhere. Pubs, in the shire, ruling Gondor. Riding ponies. Imagine the possibilities

  7. Honestly, I have no problem with the the art style in this game. Gollum just looks like a more cartoony version of Andy Serkis' Gollum. And he's also at the right size of a hobbit, which, even as kid, I didn't think Gollum was the right size in the films.

  8. The comments section seems to be full of people who have no understanding of Gollum except from the movies. Gollum IS such an interesting character and this seems exciting!

  9. Gollum just doesn't look right here, I'm gonna wait a bit longer until January 2021 for some gameplay footage but Gollum just doesn't look like the Gollum most people are accustomed to.

    His head looks like the blue guy from the Blue music video and that's about it. He looks like baby boy instead of a famished old man.

  10. Press X to make some heinous noise. Press Y to slap fish on rock.
    Press A to …do nothing
    Press literally any button to look like a decrepit fucking nightmarish creature.

  11. Seriously, who the hell cares about Gollum? It's like they made a Star Wars video game about Watto.

  12. Wow a lot of people don't seem to get how long and varied gollums adventures were. His chase for the ring led him west to the borders of the shire across eriador, all the way down the misty mountains to Mordor and had encounters with elves, men, orcs , gandalf, first encountered shelob, and even the dark Lord himself in barad dur. He had 50 years of chasing the ring or seeking 'friends' to his cause and I think that's a pretty interesting character perspective and a lot of adventures for the character to be depicted

  13. The Lord Of Give Me Your Money

  14. Would have been great if it was a movie. 😓

  15. Sick and tired of Mordor can't we go somewhere else?

  16. This'll be interesting 😉

  17. Clave la cara del presidente altos graficos

  18. So is the story just whacking off to the ring and smashing fishies on a rock?

  19. I'm not gonna lie, no matter what year, ir what graphics card you have, smeagol will always be an ugly mofo. But then game already looks exciting I'm looking forward to it

  20. He was better off as a side character in Shadow of Mordor/War..

  21. u had so many options and u chose a gollum game

  22. Dunno how I feel about this lol

  23. Seriously? … they're trying so hard to milk the LOTR licenses

  24. The most uninteresting game idea ever!

  25. My favorite part from the Lord of the Rings movies was that one time Gollum said 'precious.' That was so good that one time he said it!

  26. So what is this going to be "Violent Stalking" the game?

  27. Bruh, imagine being able to make any game in LOTR universe, literally anything you desire and you choose to make a Gollum game

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