Check out these real superheroes caught saving people’s lives! From real life heroes to people with actual superpowers caught on camera, these heroes are saving people every day in the real world!

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10.) Wheel Clamp Man
Wheel clamp man from Perth, Australia is a perfect example that there is a gray area in the world of real life superheroes. Like all superheroes, wheel clamp man goes around and helps the citizens of society, however he does so by breaking the law.

9.) Shadow
Ken Andre dresses up as a superhero known as Shadow. When Shadow shows up, he is fully dressed in black from head to toe with just his head and hands showing.

8.) Knight Warrior
Roger Hayhurst was the teenager behind the superhero mask of the Knight Warrior. Because he was only 19 years old, he still lived with his mother in their home in Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom while he was doing his good deeds.

7.) The Chinese Redbud Woman
The Chinese redbud woman is a female superhero whose identity is a secret. Even when a reporter questioned her about her identity she stated that who she is does not matter.

6.) The Flashing Blade
The Flashing Blade is one of the most bizarre real life superhero stories there is. The identity of the Flashing Blade is secret but we do know the one instance this superhero showed up happened in South Shields, United Kingdom.

5.) The Viper
The real name of the Viper is Christian Tyler Hardee who watched the streets of Columbia, Tennessee for criminal activity.

4.) Phoenix Jones
The man behind Phoenix Jones is actually mixed martial arts fighter Ben Fodor from Seattle, Washington. He started patrolling the streets of Seattle in 2010.

3.) Thanatos
Vancouver, Canada also has a real life superhero, known as Thanatos, whose identity is a secret but he goes around trying to fight poverty.

2.) Captain Australia
Captain Australia is settled in Brisbane where his identity is a secret. During the day, Captain Australia is a stay at home dad of two children.

1.) Dark Guardian
Manhattan, New York has their own superhero in Chris Pollack, who became known as the Dark Guardian. In a costume reminiscent of a leather biker suit, he also has years of martial arts training under his belt.

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