NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2

The mission that changes everything begins… No Time To Die in cinemas this November.


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  1. …..małe dzieci przy Polskiej …przedwojennej dwójce…Oset….

  2. I can everything believe exept from the scene with the Lancia car. It is no way that it could just jumped from this without damage.

  3. so bond's new villain is a former Jabbawockeez member?

  4. i have seen all this car action in Pubg gameplay .

  5. Pierce Brosnan is the best bond ever….
    who all agrees with me.

  6. Sean Connery IS the template James Bond. The one every other Bond gets compared to. And still rules. Brosnan was pretty close. Definitely had 'suave' down. Not quite intense enough. Moore was good but too old. I was always waiting for him to throw out his back or something. And it was a little creepy with some of the Bond women. The rest.. meh. I know that actors gotta keep moving. But Daniel Craig could surpass Mr. Connery as the greatest Bond ever.. with a few more movies to draw from. He just rocks the roll. SO looking forward to this movie.

  7. I havent watched any of the new 007s with this actor in!

    What makes you think I will watch a new one you have chosen for woke reasons?!

  8. This actually looks good! Not the sneering woke shit show I was expecting. Might just be good editing and the film is just woke bullshit but I am optimistic.

  9. Wow!… Bond is literally a passenger in his own movie… smh

  10. Daniel Craig looks tired, let the good man go already

  11. Potentolo al vatcolo🔥🔥💣

  12. For next 2 Bond movies I truly hope the guy can retain his job and not be put on pension between the movies.

  13. No one Rocks a Suit better than Bond.

  14. Why does Daniel Craig sound like Ewan McGregor? Since Skyfall the movies have been weird. Spectre is the best one after Quantum of Solace.

  15. This looks like its going to be the best Bond ever!

  16. Super man… Spider man.. And for British it is James bond man 😉

  17. Looks like they've shown all the action scenes

    The rest of the film will be 007 being preached at for being an old gammon

  18. We are creating so much hype as if humans are immortal. I don’t want this bond to die either !😎 as a fan for any bond movies.

  19. James Bond might be a good agent of the British intelligence but he is nowhere near the legendary Sir Johnny English ❤️❤️

  20. Everything looks good apart from the pipsqueak of a villain.

  21. I don't know if I would find someone as eligible to portray Bond as Craig. That exact killer instinct, cold blue eyes and a subtle womanizer Craig fits Ian Fleming's character so effortlessly.

  22. Tintin, FnF, MI, JB they effin mixin it all up for this one, I'll watch it, Love Punjab.

  23. for once I just want him to stop galavanting and take multiple tea breaks during the day like a proper Englishman.

  24. In this movie, James Bond will have no time to die

  25. The action looks really authentic and flows so smoothly. Lovin it.

  26. after 1:10 its A Feeling of Frisson…