Character Design Workflow – Concepting for 3D Games and Movies

The first video of a really exciting collaboration between Proko and Pixologic, the makers of zBrush! We’re going to be simulating a workflow as a character designer creates concepts and passes those to a 3d sculptor to convert to a workable 3D asset. This is a real world example of how these artists work together to create assets for video games, film, toys, and collectibles.

So in this video, gaming industry veteran Scott Flanders will show you how professional artists take their concepts from their earliest ideas on paper, to final concept. Then we’ll pass those off to Joseph Drust from Pixologic, to bring them to life in 3D.

Pixologic will have 3 live streams with Joseph! Make sure to tune in to watch Joseph sculpt the Pixol Rangers in Zbrush! Links below.

Watch ZBrushLIVE Streams
First Stream:
Second Stream:
Third Stream:
Bonus 3D Printing Stream:

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Artist | Instructor – Scott Flanders (
Producer – Stan Prokopenko (
Production Assistance – Sean Ramsey (, Charlie Nicholson (
Editing – Rebecca Bozza (, Sean Ramsey
Special Thanks – Pixologic and Joseph Drust

Music Used with Permission
Intro – The Freak Fandango Orchestra
Additional music by Epidemic Sound

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