Superman The Most Powerful Superhero DEBUNKED

In this video, we debunk VariantComics ” Is Superman The Most Powerful Superhero? ” In which he claims that Superman is the most powerful hero in all of fiction, stronger than any hero in DC , Marvel, Dragon Ball and so on! This is certainly far from true, in this video, we list off numerous heroes that could defeat Superman and debunk all of Variant Comics reasoning.

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Superman is a very powerful hero with only few known weaknesses. He has had numerous different consistencies throughout his career, but this seems to be just refrencing his normal form. Not even Thought Robot, Strange Visitor, or Prime One Million! Is it really logical to say normal Superman is the strongest hero ever? Can he really beat everyone in Dragon Ball Super like God Goku? Can he really beat everyone in Marvel and DC like Flash or the SIlver Surfer even? What about other Manga’s? The fans wanted answers, and demanded a proper refutal, so here it is.

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