MASSIVE Moira NERF!? | Overwatch Community REACTS to *NEW* Rework!

The new Moira Rework on the Experimental card is a MASSIVE Nerf to Moira? Let’s discuss. Moira’s damage orb is the focus of the community reaction to the experimental changes. Is the new Moira damage orb super weak or totally broken? Fade is strong, but does the 1 second 6m wide immunity for teammates make any difference? Would the cleanse effect have worked better – or would that simply be way to OP? Let’s talk the new Moira Rework on the Overwatch Experimental card!

#Moira #Nerf #Rework

0:00 Moira MASSIVE Nerf?
0:13 Moira Damage Changes – Orb and Grasp
3:38 Moira Fade BUFFS!
6:13 Why are Blizzard Changing Moira?
8:24 Community reaction to Moira experimental changes
15:53 Are these Moira changes good for Overwatch?


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