Digangana Suryavanshi Short Film on Mental Health #MentalHealth

Digangana Suryavanshi Short Film on Mental Health #MentalHealth

I strongly believe that mental health is the driving force behind all our decisions, actions and our happiness. In fact, science says that our thoughts have the power to cure any chronic disease faster and completely by just the help and coordination of our mind. simple thoughts that make really big differences! This lockdown, COVID 19 situations around the world, conversations around it have been depressive and this word “Depression” has really been hitting my mind, and I’ve been thinking about it.

How I look at situations is always trying to see the brighter side of everything as I believe that keeps me motivated, healthy and happy, of course, there’s a reality which can be very harsh sometimes but I’ve always dealt with situations with positivity as I believe “all shall pass by”
Let me tell you the story behind this one-shot, one minute script and why I chose to perform in it… I feel that depression as a conversation or subject is vast but guess what, the solutions are always simple, as simple as the joy kids have in little things and as adults, we lose that joy even in the bigger things.
But is depression really so powerful that it can shift you to the back seat of your own car and drive your car to places you wouldn’t want to be at. I know that none of us choose to feel that way, but it starts to happen, and my empathy is with everyone who’s fighting any battle in their head, it’s the hardest as nobody else ever gets to know what it really feels like!

I agree to all mental hassle and honestly, nobody should be guilty or ashamed of feeling any of this but I don’t agree that there is no solution to it and you will have to live with it or struggle with it all your life! I absolutely don’t agree with that and that’s exactly why I thought of making this short film, which accepts all these struggles and feelings with grace, dignity and vulnerability but powerfully says at the end that there’s a way out of it, only if you believe in yourself!

I strongly advocate for being responsible for your own feelings, most of the times we want to run away from the root cause of all these negative thoughts that lead into depression, but our mind and heart know exactly what’s bothering us and affecting our mental health, it could be a person, experience, fear of tomorrow, family, friends, a situation that we’ve put yourself into but running away from it isn’t going to help, you know what?
If your life has got you in a bad phase or space, that’s only because your life is well aware that you have the potential to overcome that, so take it as an experience!

Depression is a temporary reality, not the constant of our lives!
Don’t let yourself drown in the despair of depression! No matter how ugly and dark it gets… your simple thought of self-help or seeking help can heal everything! You’ve got the pain but you’re also the cure!

Special thanks to the wonderful team who are involved in this video, all via phone except papa who shot it for me 😇 @omaar.producer ty for saying let’s try it many ways and see which take works the best… you’re damn cool!😎
ty papa @neerajsuryavanshi for executing this for me! I love you 🤗
Ty @ajmalmusic for the expressive original background score 😇
Ty @mediaTribein for the video edit, the many times that we changed the font of the subtitle haha 😇
Ty @greenlightmedia for being the medium of speeding the word across… 😇

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