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  1. Who comes up with this shit? This kind of crap is why the Australian film industry is a joke. The whole thing was just horrible, horrible cringe.

  2. Great to see the Australian Film Industry doing more to get into the Sci-Fi market. The U.S. has this genre completely mastered, but in Australia there has been too little of it for too long. The more we make, the better we will get at it; and the budgets will grow for bigger and more spectacular ones in the future. BRING IT ON!! MORE AUSTRALIAN SCI-FI PLEASE!!

  3. fallout and chernobite in a nutshell

  4. i have a feeling this will not be in theatres lol

  5. The future in 1940s: We're going to have flying cars and it's going to be a utopia!

    The future in 2020: We're going to have flying cars and it's going to suck balls!

  6. They know how to build time machine…. But can't solve Oxygen crisis issue in atmosphere….. ūüĎŹūüĎŹūüĎŹ

  7. This isn't sci-fi, it's psuedo-sci-fi…

  8. 0:25 Lucky them!! The message display has space for 16 letters, the exact same amount as the message transmited from the future!!
    Also, time machine…. but red LED display technology from the 60s

  9. Those face mask look oddly familiar to what we wear now with Covid19

  10. I dunno about the future but those buildings that were over-taken by vegetation in the future seem pretty slick to me…I like green! ūüôā

  11. The movie looks good but the actors look terrible.

  12. Non ho capito un cazzo
    Sembra un po' trash, oltre che il solito film fantascientifico surriscaldato

  13. cheap looking and the missions giving actress was just CRINGE.

  14. Interstellar feelings , blade runner looks and contact travel . Rainy day film , if there's no booze in the house on a bank holiday

  15. Reminds me of a mix of Interstellar and a Wrinkle in Time

  16. I think the movie is going to be a little generic, but who knows right?…we need to watch to really know

  17. Holy fuck it's Rodrick Heffley!!!

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