5 TIPS to Display your Collection LIKE A PRO — Props, Statues, Star Wars & more

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5 Tips to display your collection like a pro!

This video is for collectors who are serious about displaying their stuff. When you’ve invested so much into your pieces, why would you slack when it comes to the display? If you collect statues, busts, props, helmets, replicas, or even Star Wars toys, this video is for you.

The right display will completely change how people see you collection. Use these 5 tips, and your display room will be on track to become your personal museum. We’ve all seen messy, cluttered, poorly displayed collections. Don’t be one of those schmucks! DISPLAY LIKE A PRO.

In the end, spending money on a display or display cabinet isn’t the whole story. Collectors need to think about HOW they display their finds, and learn what collection pitfalls to avoid. Whether you are tricking out your mancave build, or just adding a new display to your home theater or office, these tips will get you started right.

Turn your collection from space-junk to gold.
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*KEVDEO is a Science Fiction collector, painter, and prop maker.
Visit instagram to see his recent projects and finds:


*Special thanks to the collectors who’s collection pics I shared. If you’d like to named or linked here, please shoot me a message!
@Fifty34 – awesome display man!

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