Hogwarts Legacy – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

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Experience a new story set at #Hogwarts in the 1800s. Your character is a student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart. Make allies, battle Dark wizards and decide the fate of the wizarding world.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/HogwartsLegacy
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/HogwartsLegacy
Discord: Discord.gg/HogwartsLegacy


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  1. It’d be great if (depending on how long the game is and how much of the game is set after graduating from hogwarts) you can have your character become a death eater or just a dark evil wizard or witch in general. Always have had a thing for wanting to play the bad guys.

  2. Black people at Hogwarts…. in the 1800s?

  3. I hope it is going to be like Dark Souls in Harry Potter world !

  4. Can't wait to create a female character who identifies as male in this game.

  5. I Don't care about 4K or 8K. I'm waiting this generation for this. More details. Big environments.
    And Hogwarts! Wow!!!😍

  6. Monsters looks PS5
    human looks PS3

  7. Please don't FK this up 🤞

  8. If only this game was done by a AAA Studio.

  9. Yay a new hogwarts game: Kalm
    But is in PS5: P A N I K

  10. yes mom, i here again.

  11. This game looks great. I'll get this on the Series X.

  12. Finally something amazing happening after years of dreaming to play at Hogwarts 😛 Thank you!!!

  13. Why does the voice over sound exactly like David Attenborough?

  14. 1) Ravenclaw better get its bronze eagle.
    2) 1:341:36 gives me Horizon Zero Dawn vibes.
    3) 1:361:40 gives me Control vibes.
    4) This looks amazing.

  15. Espero que no sea expectativa vs realidad

  16. This game is transphobic and shall be cancelled🧙🏾