Love and Monsters Trailer 2020 Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie

Love and Monsters Trailer 2020 Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie

Love and Monsters Trailer 2020 Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie.


Love and Monsters Trailer 2020 Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick Movie

Love and Monsters Trailer 2020 American monster adventure film directed by Michael Matthews, with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen serving as producers. The film stars Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, Dan Ewing, Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt, and follows a young man in a post-apocalyptic world who must make the journey to reunite with his girlfriend.

The film was originally going to be a wide theatrical release by Paramount Pictures in February 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio opted to release the film digitally via video on demand, and in select theaters, on October 16, 2020. It received generally positive reviews from critics.

Love and Monsters Trailer 2020 Plot 

After the destruction of an asteroid headed for Earth, the chemical fallout causes all cold-blooded animals to mutate into large monsters. During the evacuation of Fairfield, Joel Dawson is separated from his girlfriend Aimee but promises to find her, and his parents are killed.

Seven years later, Joel lives in one of many underground bunkers called “colonies”, where other survivors, except for him, have romantically paired up with each other while fighting monsters and scavenging for supplies. Joel instead is left behind in the kitchen, as he is notorious for freezing in dangerous situations. When a giant ant breaches his colony, killing one of the survivors, Joel sets off on a quest to reunite with Aimee so that he doesn’t end up alone.

Passing through the suburbs, Joel is attacked by a giant toad-monster but is saved by a stray dog named “Boy”, who follows Joel on his journey, warning him against poisonous berries and other dangers. Joel falls into a nest of worm-monsters called “Sand-Gobblers”, when two survivors, Clyde Dutton and Minnow, rescue him. They are heading north to the mountains, where the colder weather and higher elevation means fewer monsters. They teach Joel some basic survival skills, and how not all monsters are hostile, demonstrating how “You can always tell in their eyes”. They invite Joel to stay with them, but Joel insists that he must find Aimee. As they part ways, Clyde gifts Joel with a grenade.


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