The Fallen – A HALO Fan Film (2015)

Set during the events of HALO: Combat Evolved, a group of soldiers and survivors from the Pillar of Autumn make their way across the mysterious Halo landscape fighting for their lives against Covenant forces.

This presentation is a non-profit fan film and was made for entertainment purposes only. No profit or material gain was or ever will be earned as a result of this fan-made prediction. All names and references to the HALO franchise are copyrights of Microsoft and their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Funded by Kickstarter and Indie Gogo, this fan film has been years in the making. The Fallen was conceptualized by a group of actual American soldiers who always wondered what the HALO Wars looked like from the perspective of the military. Featuring hand-crafted props and uniforms and a cast of many incredible actors. The Fallen is a passion project like all fan films.

And like all fan films, this would not have been possible without the source material. HALO, the Ring, the Covenant, vehicles, and all copyrighted material belongs ot Mircrosoft/Bungie and their share holders. We thank them for their incredible games and the inspiration they give us. Additional footage snagged from Cowboys & Aliens, Iron Man, the Rocketeer, Wing Commander, and HALO Baptism By Fire.
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