THE STAND USER STAND OFF! (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Inspired Story and Speedpaint)

After having it requested a thousand times I finally started reading ‘Jojo’s bizarre adventure and I’m loving it! I read the first arc then skipped ahead to part 3, Stardust Crusaders, because I heard that was where Stands and Stand users were introduced. I might go back to part 2 eventually, but for now I’m LOVING the concept of stands. And as is my usual reaction to finding something I enjoy reading, I wanted to make and episode drawing and story-writing about it!

And I figured a fun thing to do with stands would be to give Anime and manga heroes from other franchises their own stands? Seemed like a fun concept so in this episode I’ve taken Goku from Dragonball Z, Edward and Alphonse Elrich from Full Metal Alchemist, Light Yagami and Ryuk from Death Note and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul and turned them into Stand users. I redesigned them and wrote a story for how they would all meet and interact in a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure inspired, Anime Stand Off!!!

I had a lot of fun with this and am excited to see how everyone enjoys it!

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