Attack on Titan Final Season | OFFICIAL TRAILER

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  1. Who is ready for the best anime season in history

  2. The amount of chills I got jus from witching this

  3. Bruh best thing about anime it is free

  4. ight let me mess up my sleep schedule again for this

  5. This made me hyped and I've never even seen the show

  6. "New trailer," Bruh this trailer is old as hell and it's not even dubbed, come on, enough of this.

  7. FOUNDING TITAN ??? 🤯😭😭😭

  8. This is the only show i know that gives the side characters a higher chance of living than the main characters 😂💀

  9. No one:
    People who have obtained titan shifting powers: I've won, but at what cost?

  10. lol any body else neck hurt after watching this lol


  12. Can someone please explain what's going on in the trailer? Any ideas ?

  13. I only want to watch 3 anime in 2021.
    1. Attack on titan.
    2. Demon Slayer movie.
    3. The Promised Neverland.

  14. Subarashiiii Can't wait for December to watch aot final season 😍

  15. i thinks that isn't the final season

  16. I’m upset to have the same name and spelling as Gabi 👁👄👁

  17. Me voy a volver a ver la serie

  18. is anyone gonna talk ab levi at 1:50 ????

  19. Yep this trailer def didnt confuse me

  20. ok it’s happening everyone stay calm

  21. cada vez que veo esto me dan escalofríos

  22. Ayo no spoiler but eren is a massive chad now

  23. I cant wait who else is with me

  24. Crunchyroll acting like we didn’t see this months ago

  25. Guys am i dreming ir was the count down for attack on titan was supused to be on oct but now they made it longer 70 days long

  26. Were those titans falling out of the sky 😳

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