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Welcome to Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with special guests Amy Dallen and Umberto Gonzales. We bring you the latest news about the World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Tuesday Jan 18th, 2016) we discuss the following:

Avengers Infinity War: The Ultimate Teamup?

The Russos dropped some more information about the upcoming two parter Avengers Infinity War, saying “”We were being figurative when we said [67 characters] and people took it as literal but there’s a lot of characters. Infinity War is meant to be the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe up to that point. It’s very ambitious in its scope, it wants to take everythign that you’ve seen before and coalesce into some kinda of climactic ending. It’s complicated , ambitious storytelling…We’re not talking about lead characters, just people that make an appearance.” They are shooting both films at the same time, mixing the shoot up between parts 1&2, over the next year in Atlanta, and all over the world.

Deadpool screened and gets rave reviews, see also banned in China!

Deadpool has officially been banned in China! Too much hard R secret sauce! Then it gets a secret screening last night, and from what has reported on their website, the people who have seen this film are RAVING about it! I’m reading these reactions, and I’m talking Klaus Kinski Werner Herzogs Ravings going on! Granted this is a select group of nerds who got to flavor sample this, going to what they thought was going to be a few select scenes. Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds was at the NY screening, while director Tim Miller, creator Rob Liefeld, actors TJ Miller and Brian Hildenbrand, writers Rhett reese and Paul Wernick, producer Simon Kinberg, and the legendary Stan Lee himself attended the LA screening.

Jessica Jones Season 2, The Punisher coming to Netflix!

The great news justs keeps getting greater over on Netflix, as news broke of a second season for Jessica Jones, as well as The Punisher possibly getting a season order? Bernthal says “He’s a guy who brought the war home with him [in] the worst possible way.” while Krysten Ritter instagrammed “Cats outta the bag! Season two baby! #JessicaJones GIRLS MAKIN SOME NOISE!!!! let’s talk about the netflix marvel universe!

Hellfire Club delayed, Legion not in Xmen universe

Fox is bringing xmen characters to the small screen, with two series, and now we’ve learned more about each one. Wirth Hellfire Club, it’s production has been delayed since its showrunners left to work on the new 24 reboot, and Legion is happening, but will exist in its own universe, not connected to the cinematic Xmen world. Will it be connected to Hellfire Club?

Minor Mutations

1 Ben Affleck is “inspired” to possibly direct The Batman

2 The Flash Season 2 trailer goes to Earth 2, with new Deathstorm & Killer Frost!

3 Amber Heard cast as Mera in Aquaman

4 Elektra wears classic costume in Daredevil season 2

5 Iron Fist casting the lead is in progress

6 Gal Gadot holds her sword and shield onset picts!

7 Luke Cage might be wearing his Classic Costume in his netflix series

8 Suicide Squad gets 10 Skullfaced Character Posters

Flashback – Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2008)

Spotlight: The New Gods by Jack Kirby

This week’s spotlight is on Jack Kirby’s incredible superteam of new gods and villains, published in 1971. We are introduced to Orion and his world of New Genesis, a utopian world, in constant battle with a warlike planet called Apokolips, ruled by the overlord Darkseid. This evil being also happens to be Orion’s dad, and the two do battle for the serie run. This cosmic series was Kirby jumping over to DC, from his co-creations at Marvel that he did with Stan Lee, of which he was never properly credited. Many have said George Lucas was heavily influenced by these comics while in college, and applied this to Luke and Darth Vader’s father/son relationship. Would this comic book series best make the translation to film or television, animated or live action?

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