Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir Cosplay Music Video – Part 2

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Poor Nathaniel has once again fallen prey to Hawkmoth’s akuma, and it’s up to Ladybug and Chat Noir to save him! Will they be able to win the battle against Le Samurai and help get Nathaniel back?

We are so lucky to be able to work with such a wonderful cast, who did an absolutely incredible job with the complex choreography for this shoot on a very cold day of filming!

Make sure to click below to follow the cast:
★ Marinette – Luminara Cosplay and Art
★ Adrien – RascalRabbit Cosplay
★ Nathaniel – Blueshift Creations
★ Samurai costume created by Paul Tamlyn, and worn by Oisin Carr.

Music and sound design by the incredible Agatha Molska of Shibuya Sunrise.

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