Marvel's Avengers | Hawkeye Confirmed! | Gameplay Demo 2020

Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Demo 2020! Hawkeye officially confirmed! What’s going on guys? RBG here, bringing you more news on Marvel’s Avengers. After months of coverage on the Gameverse tie-in comics we’ve finally reached the summit. It’s been a decent ride immersing myself in these stories and getting a feel for this interpretation of the Avengers members. We got clues on characters who’ll officially appear in the game and it’s helped keep the anticipation going while we wait for the release. With that said that anticipation has somewhat wavered due to Square Enix pushing the release date back to September. The game was originally set to release on May 15th which was a month in a half away from the tie-in comics that were leading up to it. But now there’s gonna be a 6 month gap between the two and I’m wondering if we’re gonna even get anything to tide us over while we wait. Hopefully the good people at Square can at least give us some new trailers to keep the anticipation going. But anyways guys I originally wanted to contiue the tradition of covering 1 comic at a time. But if I’m gonna be honest with you I was experiencing a little burnout. Because while the stories are somewhat decent they don’t necessarily captivate everyone who’re looking forward to the game. The consistency in the quality isn’t all that great, and the art can be a little a little lackluster. After reading the newest entry in the tie-in series I was really letdown in the drop in quality. And that new issue just so happens to star Captain America. A character that’s essentially gained a resurgence in popularity after his introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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