Brutal Punisher Moments They Won't Show On Netflix

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The Netflix roster of Marvel shows has already shown that they’re capable of drawing some great moments from the comics and transferring them to the screen. And with the Punisher, they’re spoiled for choice. With hundreds of comics and decades of stories to draw from, all built around hard-hitting ultra-violent action, there are plenty of brutal moments that are begging to be recreated. There is, however, a problem unique to the Punisher: a lot of his stories might just be too intense to work on the show. And more are just intensely weird. And yes — they’re actually weirder than this: Here are some Punisher comic book moments that’ll never make it to Netflix…

Army of One | 0:42
Crackdown | 1:35
FrankenCastle | 2:22
Punisher kills Nick Fury | 3:18
Frank’s hydrophobia | 4:06
Punisher Meets Archie | 4:54

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