DON'T WORK WITH SeerNova Comics LLC (Comic 'Publishing' Scam/ Exploitation & Racial Ignorance)

Seernova Comics LLC is a small indie comic/manga “publisher” that preys on younger artists. Similar to Webtoons or Tapastic, they host comics on their site and offer you a payment based on your comic’s performance. After working with the company for around two years, I have seen some pretty sketchy things including possible exploitation and racial ignorance.

In this video, I will analyze the publisher’s past actions, speak with some artists who have worked with Seernova in the Past, and explain why I no longer associate myself with them.

I know times are tough right now everyone, but I want you to know I am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to! I am linking a master file to EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that you may need if you are affected by Police Brutality, protesting, or need to bail somebody out!! Stay safe!

Master File:

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Sigil Comics:
You can find Sigil’s series Freelancers on Amazon Kindle!



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