X of Swords: Chapter 1 – Free Comic Book Day X-Men (2020) | Krakin' Krakoa #61

We are officially on the march to X of Swords. The X-Men 2020 Free Comic Book Day release is a hardcore deep in the weeds tease for X of Swords, and if you don’t have a degree in Hickmanology, AND strong familiarity with the whole Dawn of X (particularly Tini Howard and Marcus To’s work on Excalibur), this issue is going to be confusing as hell! I have *both* those things, and I’m still floundering around among the clues, vague reveals, and new developments. It’s the good kind of mystery at least!

Today I’ll answer:

+ What the heck is happening in the X-Men Free Comic Book Day story!
+ What do the Tarot Cards mean?
+ Who are the mystery characters teased as 5 of the 10 players to focus on in X of Swords!

Spoilers for discussed comics may follow!

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Marvel Free Comic Book Day 2020 is by:

Writers: Jonathan Hickman & Tini Howard
Art: Pepe Larraz
Colors: Marte Gracia
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Design: Tom Muller

I discuss what happens in X-Men: Free Comic Book Day 2020, how it leads in to the X of Swords event, and what the Tarot Cards Saturnyne has mean for the X-Men.

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