Aqualad Origin (Jackson Hyde) | DC Comics

Who is Aqualad?
With ancestry from the underwater mystical kingdom of Xebel and one of the most feared criminals from the seven seas, Jackson Hyde grew up with unique abilities. He eventually became a staple in the Teen Titans and became known as Aqualad.

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Interesting facts about Aqualad:
āˆ™ This version of Aqualad was created byĀ Greg Weisman,Ā Brandon Vietti,Ā andĀ Phil BourassaĀ for the Cartoon Network’sĀ Young JusticeĀ animated series.
āˆ™ Before his Rebirth origin, Jackson was known as ā€œKaldur’ahmā€
āˆ™ Jackson played a great role in Brightest Day where he sealed a dimensional barrier.
āˆ™ A thin invisible membrane covers Aqualad’s eyes that allow Jackson to see perfectly in the pitch-blackness of the ocean.

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