Streaming Shows Are Ruining Comic Books and Streaming

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Why Streaming Services Should Move Away From Bingeable Releases

While it has become common to binge shows, perhaps it’s time streaming services go back to the weekly release schedule.

When Netflix launched its own originals back in 2012, it surprised nearly everyone when the streaming giant decided to use a binge release model for its own originals. And now, in 2019, it has all but become the norm. However, perhaps it’s about time we see the streaming services change things up once again.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and (sometimes) Hulu have pioneered and perfected the binge releases. As soon as a series or season comes out, viewers can watch the whole thing at their own pace. There is, however, very much a drive to watch it in one sitting, or as few sittings as possible. Newer streaming services, such as DC Universe and Disney+, instead opt for a format more similar to cable television. These services stagger new releases every week, much like how series on major networks are aired. The focus is again on making shows watchable as opposed to simply bingeable. The original intent of streaming was to get away from the cable format, namely how inconvenient it seemed. Still, there are a few reasons to go back somewhat to that style of programming, ditching the binging format entirely.

Life After Marvel: The Comic Book Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix

Netflix cut its ties with Marvel, but the streaming service still has plenty of comic book properties headed to the streaming service.

Though Disney+ has been an unmitigated success, Disney launching its own streaming service sadly saw the end of its live-action Marvel TV shows on Netflix. Still, the comic book and superhero bubble is far from bursting yet, with several studios trying to get in on the action. Chief among them is Netflix, which aims to adapt numerous comic book properties in the wake of losing the Marvel series’. Here’s a rundown of the comic books that Netflix is bringing to the silver screen, what they’re about, and who is starring in them.

The Full Comic Book Television Release Schedule

Comic book stories and characters are thriving both on the big screen and the small screen, from live-action to animation, and even documentaries. Newsarama has compiled a list of all the current, upcoming, and prospective television series based on comic books.

Like our list of comic book-based superhero movies and other genre movies, we’re not including production info such as cast, crew or plot; this is just an easy-to-read look at what’s to come in North American theaters.

Here is a complete schedule of the announced television series and their status. Those signed to networks will be denoted as such with those outlets in parenthesis, while the other prospective series with no broadcast home as of yet will simply list their production company.

10 Non-Marvel And DC Comics That Need Their Own Streaming Shows

When you think of comic books, it’s a good bet that Marvel and DC are the first companies that come to mind, and for good reason. The Big Two have been the driving forces behind superhero comics for decades, and they’re churning out numerous movie and TV adaptations of their respective source materials each year. However, there are plenty of other comic book companies that have made the jump off the printed page, particularly where television is concerned.

Such TV series range from The Walking Dead and Riverdale on conventional television, to The Umbrella Academy and The Boys on streaming. It’s that latter category that’s the focus for today, because while there are plenty of non-Marvel and DC comic book series getting the streaming treatment soon, including Locke & Key, Jupiter’s Legacy, Black Hammer, The Magic Order and Sin City, plenty of others should be joining that group.

As such, we’ve gathered 10 non-DC or Marvel comics that deserve to be adapted as a streaming series.

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