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We’re excited to provide an extended look at the multiplayer features in 2MD: VR Football Head 2 Head edition, coming soon as a FREE update to 2MD for PlayStation®VR! In this video, we demonstrate how a second player can take control of defense in an attempt to stop a VR player’s drive downfield.


More about the Head 2 Head update:
•“Head 2 Head” mode is an innovative asymmetric local multiplayer feature which allows a second player to grab a DualShock®4 and take control of their team’s defense on the social screen.
• Two player games are extended to 5 minutes, with each player switching roles with every turnover, interception, or score.
• The defending player is given a traditional bird’s-eye view of the action to try and stop the offense’s drive downfield.
• The offensive line’s routes are kept hidden from the defending player, and defender’s strategies remain similarly hidden from the offense.
• The defending player can adjust AI behaviors of their cornerbacks, defensive backs, and linebackers with strategies such as zone, blitz, and more.
• The defending player can cycle between linemen and defensive backs, or use the action buttons to ‘quick-switch’ between key defenders, including the player closest to where the QB is looking in VR!
• Defenders can also use the new “lunge” mechanic for enhanced tackles, or as a last ditch attempt to sack the QB. Defenders can also utilize a vertical leap to block or intercept incoming throws.
• Special teams are now available on 4th down as well, enabling the ability to punt as well as take advantage of the ‘field goal throw.’
• Two player games take place in the GIGADOME, a new field specifically designed for this exciting new mode.
• At the start of each two player game, player 2 is given access to their own locker room, where they can customize their team logo, colors, and draw up their plays before taking the field.
• Additionally, the fall update includes additional bug fixes, enhancements to the main game, and an exclusive new track from Hip-Hop artist K. Carter, “Get out the Way,” with production by Dre Manuel.

More about 2MD: R Football
2MD VR Football is a room-scale two-minute drill VR arcade experience. Featuring the first-of-its kind PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Move compatible gridiron football, you can draw the plays, call the shots, throw the ball to take down opponents before the clock runs out. Take the field as the virtual quarterback you were born to be, and lead your team of tackle-dummies to victory.

• Ground-breaking PlayStation®Move motion tracking, which accurately recreates your throws in virtual reality.
• You call the shots: pass, hand-off, or even run the ball.
• True “pick-up-and-play” arcade gameplay with a 7 round heat.
• Interactive whiteboard that allows players to draw up to 8 of their own plays in VR.
• Call your plays in real-time, using either the action buttons or speech recognition!
• 8 Immersive, unique stadiums with larger than life celebrations.
• Unlockable 3D trophies that populate your team’s locker room.
• “Hot Streak” status buff for multiple chained completions.
• Rapid-fire ring toss bonus rounds.
• PlayStation™Network Leaderboard & Trophy Support.
• Up to 8 unique teams.
• Customizable team logos, colors, routes, audible voices, home fields, and fight songs.
• Pulse-pounding exclusive music produced by K Carter and Dre Manuel.
• Featuring the voice talents of Xander Mobus, SungWon Cho and David Wald.

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