Best X Men Leader, MCU Wolverine, Missing Mutants

Best X Men Leader, MCU Wolverine, Missing Mutants

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Who Is The X-MEN’s Greatest Leader Of All Time?

There have been many leaders of the X-Men, but the three greatest leaders are Charles Xavier, Cyclops and Storm. But who reigns supreme?

Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men, an idealist who dreams of peace between men and mutant. He’s essentially a prophet who points the way to the Promised Land, but unfortunately he’s a flawed prophet. His problem, unfortunately, is that he is overwhelmingly arrogant; his telepathy meant he grew up with the sense that he was a God among men, able to manipulate the minds of others with ease. As a result, he’s always seemed to believe the very rules he teaches others to obey are not for him.

Storm’s most important period as leader was in the 1980s, and it’s easy to forget that she made history when she stepped up to take charge of the X-Men. She became leader of the X-Men at a time when women were typically sidekicks, secondary characters, or love interests. Even better, she won the leadership by beating Cyclops in combat, a feat she accomplished without her powers . Like many mutants, her powers seem to have generated specific flaws with her character; she has a need for control that can never quite be fulfilled, and a result she often second-guesses her own decisions.

X-Men: 15 Actors Who Could Play The MCU’s Wolverine

Whoever plays Wolverine next , their take on the character should probably be completely different than Hugh Jackman’s. Jackman is so iconic in the role that the only way to compete with him is to differentiate this manifestation of the character from his.

Over the past few years, Joel Edgerton has emerged as one of the finest contemporary actors. All he needs to do is grow out his beard to have the Wolverine look. And his engrossing performances in recent gems like It Comes at Night, The Gift, Warrior, Loving, and Black Mass have proved that he can convey the wide range of grizzled emotions required to play Wolverine.

Thanks to big, steaming piles of movies like Pacific Rim and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Charlie Hunnam has been deprived of the leading role in a blockbuster franchise that he deserves. He’s a really great actor, and it’s a shame that on the big screen, he’s never been given the material that he deserves. With his physicality and gruffness with an undercurrent of sweetness, Hunnam would make an ideal choice to play Wolverine.

After a lengthy tenure of playing one rage-filled comic book antihero in a popular TV series, perhaps Andrew Lincoln would be interested in starting another one. There are a number of primal similarities shared by Rick Grimes and Wolverine, like their unchecked aggression and the fact that they’re tormented by their past.

X-Men: The X-Cluded Mutants Who Are NOT on Krakoa

Krakoa is a nation-state that’s home to the X-Men, but some mutants haven’t moved to the living island yet. These are the reasons why.

Pete Wisdom is a mutant with the ability to absorb heat and solar radiation and project the energy from his fingertips in a variety of forms. A citizen of Britain and a member of British Intelligence agency MI-13.

Of all the mutants who have refused the invitation to live on Krakoa, Madelyne’s reasons are perhaps the most understandable. Created by Mister Sinister as a clone of Jean Grey to win the affections of Cyclops after Jean’s apparent death, Madelyne was tossed aside by both her creator and husband when Jean turned up alive.

No mutant on Earth has rejected Xavier’s invitation more famously than the powerful Prince Namor. Possessing super-strength, the ability to survive underwater indefinitely and the ability to fly, the former Avenger and X-Man commended Xavier for realizing his place in the world before informing him he did not need the professor to remind him he was superior, as he was already well aware.

X-Men Concept Art Reveals Rejected Dark Phoenix Costumes

X-Men artist Dave Cockrum went through several very different versions of the Dark Phoenix costume before settling on the iconic red and gold outfit.

X-Men’s The Dark Phoenix Saga debuted Jean Grey’s iconic Dark Phoenix costume: a red suit with golden boots and gloves — but she almost sported a very different look, as revealed by several alternate designs that have surfaced online.

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