Spider-Man Art Inspired By My Favorite Comic Book Artist

Welcome to my new channel! I will delve in to the topic of visual storytelling and how I apply it as a professional artist and art director. Like a writer who writes a story with words a visual storyteller creates visual elements to tell a story. This can be from a logo, a banner, a graphic novel to full-length film. The possibilities and ideas on this subject can be endless.

I look forward to sharing art and design techniques with you all as I continue to my artists journey. I hope to bring on others in the creative field to share theirs as well!

I will show you a time-lapse video of Spider-man digital painting I worked inspired by my favorite artist Alex Ross. As well as my favorite Spider-Man film.

My website: https://www.conceptartfactory.com/

Web Development Company: http://jrmwebmarketing.com/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/alex_conceptart/

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