[Concept art, Timelapse] Harisa (Comic book) – digital painting pt.1 [2019]

First of all: sorry for my english.

Harisa is my comic book I just started to create.
In this movie I’m creating Harisa’s concept art in three ways. It’s timelapse but full process.

I decided to use available tools to haste my work and moreover – to overcome my disabilities in drawing and painting.
MakeHuman – to create nad customize body of some characters like Harisa
Blender – to rig models created in MakeHuman and prepare poses.
Affinity Designer – to overpaint renders from Blender. In this app I also create page layouts, scenarios and all dialogues. That’s why I decided to make overpaint in here.

Harisa is martian colonist with mission on Earth. When her mothership is near Earth the nuclear war starts. Magnetic storm destroys mothership’s devices and Harisa with her crew fall down on Sahara desert. Well… That’s what she thinks at the begining.

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Concept art on youtube will be available for everyone on monthly basis.

Music: Jakub Pilawka

This video was first published onSource link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing from their RSS feed.

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