Ferris Wheel Edition | Dude Perfect

Can we borrow your Ferris Wheel?

An epic set of trickshots from the top of the Capital One Ferris Wheel at JamFest! Thanks to Capital One, we’re on the ground at the Final Four® in Atlanta bringing you behind-the-scenes action. Stay tuned: http://captl1.co/DUDE4

If you’re in Atlanta, we wanna know; tweet to us @DudePerfect. Watch the Capital One channel for more videos from us, and cheer for your team to own the Capital One leaderboard using #RallyCry.

Music: “We Will Cary On” by City of Lions
Vote for them in the Battle of the Bands: http://bit.ly/CityofLionsBattle
iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/WeWillCarryOnDP

iPhone – http://bit.ly/DPGameiPhone
Android – http://bit.ly/DPGameAndroid

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