Death in Vegas–Aladdin’s Story

song from “The Contino Sessions” album


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  1. I listen to this song when I'm thrashing my Prius around a airfield in Guilford

  2. Not heard this track in 20 years wow.. Love it

  3. Love this song for years…

  4. It's a totally massive groove and i'm digging it.

  5. The cure to most of life’s problems is listening to this

  6. This is a Rolling Stones outtakes published on 'Exile on main street' album deluxe version with the title 'So Divine'.

  7. The Stones song is called 'So Divine'. But I'm still trying to know who sings the vocals of this song. Looks like someone from the 60's, I've heard that 'Nobody knows the trouble I've seen (nobody knows my sorrow) is an old spiritual song covered by many people, included the famous Stones version. 

  8. Then they'd sound like Underworld. Better as is.

  9. Yes. check out Rolling Stones – So Divine

  10. While listening to this song I feel like I'm in wonderland or in some mirror hall smoking weed

  11. I prefer this one than "so divine" of Stones. Although DIV stole it from Stones

  12. Best track off the album, and a really good one (album) it is too. I know about the Stones connection to this song, way back. As a Stones fan, it doesn't bother me. This is very good itself, brilliant, in fact.

  13. Que viaje esta melodía,flota el espíritu.

  14. Death in Vegas legally used the tune. I haven't heard anything about being sued, in fact I read in an interview with Tim Holmes he stated that they were in touch with the Rolling Stone's publishers, and when asked whether it was okay to use the tune they responded with, ‘we know it’s a song by the Stones but it’s never been declared as a song so we don’t own the publishing so you can do whatever you like’. It was finally declared as an official song in 2010.

  15. @LaughingMan7171 My bloody valentine? just came to my mind. Anyway i see your point yet i see richard fearless a clever guy surrounded by the right people, and don´t get me wrong, they do a nice musical puzzle. but still a too obvious puzzle. i don´t know, but i get tired soon from death in vegas, They may just need a good vocalist.

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