Death In Vegas – Girls

Original Soundtrack “Lost In Translation”


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  1. Ecoute ma chanson stp ! Et Abonne toi pour me soutenir si tu as aimé :

  2. Just watch the movie again after 10 years. Still crying at the end. Bill Murray is a genius. And Scarlett Johansson so adorable.

  3. So sweet….. To kisses and make LOVE ❤

  4. The sheer Ingenuity of the art within this song..

  5. Sound band slowdive and Mbv Shoegaze wonderfull!!

  6. She looks so young there ……. The Black Widow.

  7. i've been roaming in the streets of Japan last year it was amazing. I was full of tears with joy. This song is so relaxing could just wake up to it each morning

  8. Death in Vegas 💘 Scarlet ❤️

  9. Should have been used for the final scene rather than the first, but a great song and a perfect fit for the movie.

  10. Brilliant film. And wonderful soundtrack……. actual drums, played well! Who would have thought?

  11. This song in a way is therapeutic with a relaxing kind of mesmerizing effect of the beautiful polyphonic harmonies. I love the clip too of Bill Murray in character looking out his window and the reflection of the amazing Tokyo at night wow! Being a songwriter (just my amateur take ha) it's fun to also imagine, play with what could be done with this beautiful song beyond it's 4 min 27 sec into more like 12 minutes or even a 30 min New Age kind of epic. The song evokes a kind of creativity, like looking at your hands for the first time and realizing their inherent miracle. I think the Death in Vegas songwriter should do that, although the artist knows best when something as spiritual as this feels right and complete… just me ha. I love the "new" feeling or liberating feeling I get with this work of art and also with the movie too. I've watched the movie twice and foresee going back often as the movie leaves me with a sense that I have been somehow bold and traveled, worldly, testing new grounds, living free, to know how to grip the essence of the moment. Sophia must have, like one writer here comments, more… "up her sleeve". Maybe there could be a sequel movie to this! Get Bill and Scarlette back, fly to Tokyo tomorrow Sophie! Really though the CoVid19 has hit hard and more to come, thus we need escapes like, "Lost in Translation", or the avenues of this piece. Thanks Aninitshe!!

  12. dont do this to me right now

  13. Damn I never realized this had a crescendo. I always thought the one in lost in translation was the whole song

  14. Banda sonora del film LOST IN TRANSLATION , que gran film , que grandes recuerdos .

  15. Pours drink,
    I think I'll watch Lost in Translation.
    Finishes first drink without getting past DVD menu.

  16. Have no idea how I’m gonna end my life & shits scary

  17. Still a track of beauty….

  18. The nostalgia of this track makes me emotional every single time. If you've ever truly loved, you'll know what I mean. AZ.

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