Girl joins rapper in the subway for an impromptu jam session (INFIDELIX ft. EllandM)

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Wanna hear the background story? Check this video:

Improvisation in the subway of Berlin. I was in Berlin for a week and I was getting out the subway station when I heard the guy rapping. I turned around and walked towards him. After listening to him killing it in a couple of songs I couldn’t help myself from wanting to sing with him. This is the result. It was a great experiece. The beat is a group called Phantogram, song “When I’m small”. I did freestyle on the base while he rapped his song “Anthem of the Lost”.

All this was shot 100% with a GoPro Hero 4! #GoPro


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  1. I've watched this 100 times. loved it every time. can someone tell me what they are saying? Fuck it. don't. I love it any way

  2. People disliked this because they were white smh

  3. This guy is way to into it, he is either a loser, or a loser who smokes crack.

  4. Why hasnt this been released yet?this same reverb sound can be recreated in a studio

  5. Cada vez que la escucho se me ponen los pelis de punta. Todo emocion!! No se ni como expresarlo

  6. fucking tweeky lady at the end

  7. Absolutely smashed it !! This guys enthusiasm when rapping is unreal

  8. could you please do a studio version of this?

  9. Goosebumps!!! Big smile on my face!

  10. that chick is fine as fuck

  11. Don't know why but I keep comming back to hear this music. Such energy. Thank you for this song!

  12. That song deserve a CD version.

  13. Been showing my pals in Glasgow this they fooking love it👌🏻

  14. True meaning of "put heart and soul in what you do".
    Amazing man! You are amazing!

    And ofc, the girl singer voice is exactly what this song needs to be perfect!
    Big up for both of you!

  15. You two where amazing. Wish we all had the inspiration and heart like you two. Cheers. Love your voice

  16. Man that guy is awesome .. can feel the music pumping from his soul.. And the young lass also thumbs up..

  17. I have no idea what they're saying but I liked it

  18. This is beautiful, makes me sad i can't see them live tho…

  19. The passion in this video gives me goose bumps. Keep up the great work.

  20. If this guy make a cd, he's rich. But he seems to be already, in a different way, in a better way.

  21. wow this guy is absolute rock star

  22. I wish they'd stand the fuck up..

  23. Ohh Gott ich fühle ihn sooo Feier ihn richtig👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  24. I felt you all's emotion and passion, thank you

  25. Reminds me of Sage Francis a bit. Or maybe Sage Francis reminds me of INFIDELIX.

  26. That chick is both super hot and super talented.

  27. what is the name of this song…i need it

  28. Why is this guy not famous…..

  29. I just never get fed up listen to this brilliant tune the guy means every word

  30. those are two incredible edible eggs

  31. that is what music is about. right there.

  32. Auf einmal fliegt da bei 2:34 Geld im Hintergrund rum und der Typ grabbed sich das einfach 😀

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