The Killers – The Man

New Album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ Out Now:

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  1. Declaration of Independence and all, just sounds like libertarian jive (listen to the chorus), glad that they've found themselves, but really! Aloe Blacc summed it up a lot better, "The Man."

  2. Nanana, cada vez que la pongo en la play jaja

  3. Catchiest song ever
    And the best song to walk to, am I right?

  4. Love the call out to Bowie's "Fame."

  5. Sat here sobbing, fighting the bad thoughts and crippling anxiety for probably the hundredth time.

    Now I've had my fix, I'm ready to leave the house. Chin up guys, You're the Man.

  6. Brandon is way more buff than I ever was

  7. Are, they all one man serie of downfall or they events of egotistical people given their what's for tragedy on a silver platter etc?

  8. Getting a mix of BeeGee's and Talking Heads from this song.

  9. This vibe is REALLY popping and buzz'n

  10. Hey Youtube, when I search for "The Man", it means I came to watch this masterpiece not Taylor swift's feminist bullshit.

  11. The yellow soap cosmetically disappear because hardware grossly copy astride a spiritual speedboat. abusive, equal request

  12. This is the best song of all time

  13. Testosterone levels increase

  14. Listen for a first time: "Sounds empowering!!!"
    Listen for a fifth time and watch the video: "Sounds like a desperate cry for help."

  15. When your ex wants you back after she dumped you for trash… ✌🏽

  16. My ex, who was NOT the man used to sing this to me. He did NOT have a job, did NOT have gas in the tank..didn't even have a fucking car, didn't really have money in the bank..and was just not a good person. I on the other hand had gas in the tank, money in the bank and well…I had news for him baby. Its been nearly 3 years and I'm a chick but I'm still the freaking man 😁

  17. Who came here after Fuser?!

  18. This song makes me feel empowered and I'm a woman 🤟💕

  19. There's no booty in the bank,

    A completely flat tank,

    I got news for you baby

    You're lookin' like a man.

    like a man, like a man, like a man, like a man….

    who's the man… you're the man.

  20. I was sleepy this morning, not anymore after listening to this song! Woke me right up

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