The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon

The third single from the album “Phantom Power” from 1998. One of the greatest songs of all time and one of my favourite top ten Tragically Hip songs, it even won a Juno in the category “Single Of The Year” in 2000.


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  1. This is what Canada sounds like.

  2. I grew up in Canada during the heyday of the Hip and never really got it. Now living in the US and added a number of years to my life, I think I get it. Gord and the Hip are the musical embodiment of Canada and when I get homesick for the true north strong and free, I listen to the Hip.

  3. I just found this song and really like it though I am not Canadian. Is the Tragically Hip a popular band in Canada ?

  4. a good song to get drunk too

  5. my fav lyric is "until a man named Cunningham went to the mic and sang.." because I think of a burly lumberjack singing his woes away.

  6. One of my favourite tracks for people to. Utterly destroy at karaoke

  7. This song has nothing to do with TPB. It stands completely alone.

  8. @Ashleigh brought me here ❤

  9. I've always thought of this as one of those nice summer songs that you just close you eyes, take in the sun, smell the air and just lay there thinking of the good times.

  10. A great song but the instruments , should have been more in the background , the instruments should not drown out the vocals.

  11. Bruce Mucollogh from the Kids in the Hall directed this video✊🏻. How Canadian can you get.

  12. Gordy isn't dead, just a little tired.

  13. The most Canadian song of all time ❤️

  14. This song took 20 years to grow on me

  15. This has been my favourite song for a long time

  16. This song caught me completely off guard first time I heard it ( thank you Trailer Park Boys ), it's so poignant. Now me and my wife have it on our playlist.

  17. this really got phantom power rip thank you gord

  18. Gord's not dead, just a little tired!

  19. Who else didn’t come here from TPB?

    No hate to the show I love it