Tracy Chapman – Fast car (Jonas Blue Ft Dakota remix)

Tracy Chapman – Fast car (Jonas Blue Ft Dakota remix)
Summer is Here!

I do not take any credit for this video or the content within – (Full credit to the artists Jonas Blue Ft Dakota)


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  1. Take me back to 2015 😞

  2. This song really sends chills and cool vibes my favourite song 😎😍

  3. Who else hears Mike's I took a pill in Ibiza?? Same rhythm and beat.

  4. Zovy you are irellivent

  5. I was 17 when I heard the original.
    Now 16 year later I still lisening too Tracy chapman. And I like the remix too. Time fly

  6. This song makes me
    Miss you so much .

  7. Man, I hope my gf loves me as much as I love her.

  8. Me looking at this in 2020 and remembering the good times😢

  9. This song just gives the feeling of being free and happy. I love this Remix Soooo much!

  10. Man i feel that 2015 was like yesterday.

  11. i remember listening to this in 2016 i was like 11 brings back so many memories

  12. This sing makes 2020 feel better

  13. This song brings back so many memories of 2016 😭

  14. I feel like such a good og song shouldn't have a modern remix like this I think it's a disgrace

  15. To me this is A beautiful Relatable song about hope

  16. I can dance and cry at the same time.

  17. Makes me feel buy a new fast car…

  18. Tracy chapman is amazing and this remix is quality 👌

  19. The first 1:30 seconds of this song clearly shows how clear-scentients/empaths/introverts are feeling at this point in time. We Know and need some space. We can feel your ugly energy and it's been mucking us up for years now.

  20. Who is down to go a on road trip in Northern Ireland? I’m for real

  21. I want mustang for road trip. Blowing this song on boom box

  22. Smoking and listen to is song makes me feel like i can fly away from all off the disappointment and hurt

  23. This; "Tracy Champman Album", first time around got me thru some strange times back then. Cool/Awesom remix!

  24. This was from 4 years ago damn I’m legit crying everything was perfect then

  25. I'm just listening to this song after years of not hearing it and I instantly burst into tears. When this song came out, it was such a happy time, I was happy and life was good. I didnt realize how good it was then. Now I'm older and it's like I wish I could go back and tell myself to enjoy that time even more.

  26. This remix reminds me of ex wife. We use to jam to this on our blunt cruises through the city lights late at night driving all over the map.

  27. Whenever i hear this a sudden peace washes over me. Then my sobs are soothed and i can breath normally.

  28. It's so crazy how these comments are like 4 years old and now it's 2020 i feel like crying…i want 2016 back 🙁

  29. i like to cruise on the forest trial and sum the melody of this song. the beat is right for paddle!

  30. This song just makes me wanna blast this in the car and drive around my neighborhood at midnight or at 3 in the morning and just vibe

  31. It's kind of strange that people are saying this song is their "happy place" and they want to road trip because of it. Tracy Chapman wrote it about a woman escaping the cycle of poverty.

  32. This original song by Tracy Chapman was about as real about as it gets. It’s not sad but about the reality of it. My father actually raised me out of homeless shelters. He tried hard till he self collapsed when I was 9 years and I realized that he was in the wrong. Then it made me stronger to this day. It’s something that I love about this song. You can take it a sad song or a life lesson and thrive off it. Music is emotion and will play the part about who you are.

  33. The original song always will be better

  34. Ahahah miss summer 2k15😈😭💯💖

  35. Alguém do Brasil ouvido essa linda canção?? 2020

  36. I came to listen to this during 2020 COVID and riots.. lets all spread love not hate. we are all in this together and all this darkness shall pass. if you're reading this I wish you love and peace and may the universe protect you from evil. I LOVE YOU ALL

  37. Love this remake. Makes me want to go buy a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (Manual of course) then drive across the US. 🙂

  38. I hate that this remix exists

  39. Id love to listen to this song while driving