Metal Gear Solid Movie Concept Art Revealed By Director – Exclusive

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been trying to get a Metal Gear Solid movie made for the past five years, during which the Kong: Skull Island director has gotten the direct blessing of the franchise’s creator Hideo Kojima and commissioned a slew of concept art from numerous artists, some of which he’s been teasing out on social media. Still, there’s been no official word from Sony—who own the rights to Metal Gear Solid—that a film based on the long-running, critically acclaimed video game franchise has been greenlit.

But when Collider’s own Steven Weintraub sat down for a one-on-one chat with the filmmaker—as well as a glimpse at some of that gorgeous concept art—we got the clearest idea yet of where in the development process a Metal Gear movie currently stands. (Check out the video above for the full, in-depth discussion.) A script, written by Derek Connolly (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), has been submitted to Sony. By the sound of it, the studio sent back notes and Vogt-Roberts and Connolly are in the middle of another round of revisions. And according to the director, that script is wild as hell.

Check out what Vogt-Roberts had to say in the video above. In addition to talking about the cool concept art he’s released online, he also discussed all aspects of getting a Metal Gear movie made. Here’s what was discussed: How long, exactly, has Vogt-Roberts been working to get a Metal Gear Solid movie made? How many—and which—characters from the games does he plan to include? Does he believe there’s been a worthwhile video-game movie yet? Where do you begin when adapting the complicated history of Metal Gear Solid? Which particular entries in the franchise was he interested in examining for a film adaptation? How do you make a film that appeals to both the hardcore gamer fans of the franchise and casual audiences? How much did knowing the movie would have to be made at a cost affect the screenwriting process?


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