Street Fighter II The World Warrior is a online game now! What? Yes!

Street Fighter II The World Warrior is a online slot game now! What? Yes!

Street Fighter II The World Warrior is a online game now! What? Yes!
Street Fighter II The World Warrior is a online game now

If your childhood or adolescence was in the 90s, you probably remember how popular fighting games were. We used to get together with friends to take turns fighting opponents. One of the hits of the day was Street Fighter II The World Warrior from Capcom. More than 25 million people have played it in the USA alone! In this game, players could choose one of eight characters and start the tournament for the world’s best fighter’s title. Among the characters were the Japanese sumo wrestler Edmond Honga, the savage Blanka, the Soviet Union fighter Zangief, the yoga master Dhalsim and others. Each character had unique techniques, which was a real sensation for the 90s.

For nearly forty years, the Street Fighter franchise has been top-rated, with dozens of games and spin-offs, hundreds of references and merchandise – and, of course, pachinko-themed slots in Japan. And in 2020, the online gambling industry has joined the army of fans as well. The largest Swedish slot company NetEnt has presented a novelty – “Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot”. Its selling point is dynamic battles, charismatic characters, and a bit of nostalgia for the original game.

The Luckychika team, which specializes in the Japanese online gambling sphere, prepared a detailed review of the “Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot for you. Feel free to reach out with questions and comments, or to try demo-mode for free.

About game creators

NetEnt slots can be found in almost any online casino. The company has existed since 1996. From a small startup with three people, NetEnt has grown into a true gambling giant. Its portfolio includes more than 200 games on any topic: from detective stories like “The Invisible Man” to cartoonish “South Park” based on the same name’s animated series.

About game process

So, in Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot, players can choose one of eight popular characters, each of them possessing unique skills and super attacks. Then we have to fight one of the opponents. Each of the two characters has a health bar. As soon as one of the opponents has reached 0, the game is over. The strength of the blows is determined by the combinations of symbols that appear on the reels.

If the player is defeated, he gets into the bonus round to take out the anger by crashing the car. If the player wins, he will fight one of the four bosses.

There are 4 bosses in the game: Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison. With each victory, you move to a new level, and a new multiplier is applied to the bet. For example, after defeating the Balrog, your bet will double; after defeating Vega – increase three times, and after defeating M. Bison, you will receive a multiplier of x10!

And the best part is that the slot, like the game, has the save function! If you fail at a high level, you can start over again with a special coin.

The general impression

Nowadays, almost every online gaming casino boasts hundreds of games on any topic. What makes Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot so special? First of all, this is the feeling of slight nostalgia that this slot game evokes. It reminds us of the time when fighting games had just begun their victorious march across the game world, and the number of their fans was estimated at millions.

However, the game will be interesting not only for those who saw the original version’s release. The ability to choose a unique character, various combos and bonus rounds make it attractive to everyone. It is not like other slots and is good for that. This is a game for those who are tired of traditional online slots, for those who want to try something new. The developer’s name also plays an important role because we know that NetEnt ™ produces only first-class slot games.


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