The War On Drugs – Holding On [Official Video]

Official video for The War On Drugs “Holding On”

‘A Deeper Understanding,’ the new album from The War On Drugs, available now.

Directed by Brett Haley
Concept by Krysten Ritter
Starring Frankie Faison & Adam Granduciel

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  1. those people who disliked should be ashamed of themselves

  2. Everything is perfect in this video, I can't hold the tears

  3. Who is the black actor he looks very familiar

  4. This video makes me so happy , there’s such a touching story going on behind this beautiful song

  5. 22 years today that my mother passed away, and I relate to this song so much…

  6. The best song of FIFA 18🤩🥳🎮

  7. Una vez estuve vivo y podía sentir
    que me estaba aferrando a ti.
    Y redefiní la forma en que
    aprendí a hablar.
    Es simplemente humano,
    recorrí una carretera tortuosa,
    me salí por completo de las rayas.
    He sido rechazado,
    ahora la luz del semáforo ha cambiado
    y no tengo tiempo.

    No hay manera de que yo vaya a durar,
    ocultándome entre las costuras.
    No puedo mover el pasado,
    siento que estoy a punto de estrellarme,
    recorriendo mi línea,
    sigo yendo hacia delante, sí, oh.

    Una vez estuvimos separados,
    y pude ver en rojo.
    Nunca intenté hacer retroceder el tiempo,
    nunca pretendí meter mi dolor
    en el marco,
    y en tu vida.
    Ahora voy por un camino distinto, sí.
    ¿Podemos recorrerlo uno al lado del otro?
    ¿Es un viejo recuerdo solo otra manera de
    decir adiós?

    No hay manera de que yo vaya a durar,
    ocultándome entre las costuras.
    No puedo mover el pasado,
    siento que estoy a punto de romperme,
    recorriendo la misma línea,
    sigo yendo hacia delante, sí, oh.

    Pero él nunca va a cambiar, 
    nunca le va a importat.
    Sigo caminando por el sendero,
    sí, aferrándome a cambiar
    Cuando hablas del pasado,
    ¿de qué estás hablando?
    ¿Me solté demasiado rápido?
    ¿Me estuve aferrando durante demasiado tiempo?

    No hay verdad en la mentira de alguien
    que es tan silenciosa como el mar.
    ¿Me estuve aferrando durante demasiado tiempo?
    Pero está justo delante de mí.
    Y ninguna luna va a arrojar
    sombras sobre mi escena.
    Me sigo moviendo con estos cambios.

    Corazón o esperanza.
    Corazón o esperanza.
    Corazón o esperanza..

  8. This song makes me want to shift to a small town in the States and live a simple but enriching life!

  9. Just the right way to make music, beautiful composition. An even better video. New favourite band 🤝🏽

  10. sometimes waking up is a chore. you wake up and see the white horse and thats it. you dont leave the house, nothing happens. occasionally people reach out, but you dont have the energy. and another day passes, over and over again. every day the same. the past keeps piling up, the list of regrets grows longer.

  11. Such a great song . The video is wonderful

  12. I love this video, i love this song, i love this album

  13. 3 years old, and the music & video still bring a lump to my throat & a tear to my eyes. So beautiful…

  14. Beautifully real man has a great day 🙂

  15. is the best song in the fifa 18 i like this song repet all the days is beatiful

  16. I refuse to suspend disbelief for this man not understanding how a Polaroid camera works.

  17. Beautiful song, video and my heart is full!

  18. I had just got off the phone to my Gf and this was playing in the background on fifa… She just told me i was gonna be a daddy

  19. Definitely agree, biblically the white horse is associated with death. Hence the guy deciding to let go of the ties that have bound him and have courage to revisit friends, places and memories before passing on to be with his partner on the other side. Ending with the two horses together.

  20. It's the simple things that create the invisible world of nostalgia. Only you will know forever.

  21. Este video muestra the greast american life!

  22. Skin color is such a meaningless difference between human beings.

  23. the old man's smile gives me life

  24. Bryan Adams 2022 !!!!!!!
    Look likes

  25. Here bidding farewell to FIFA after I switched to eFootball PES21 👋😭😭

  26. Tasting a Frusciante flavour here. Got a bit of a scar tissue vibe

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