Lucid (2020) Teaser Trailer – Sci-fi Action TV Series (HD)

Lucid (2020) Official Trailer – Tv Series HD

Lucid is an upcoming science-fiction Action TV Series, exploring the realms of the multiverse. Hyder, a failed actor, down on his luck, works a mindless 9-5 job. Things take a turn when he begins to have inexplicable dreams. Dreams and reality blend into one, unknowing of what is real and what isn’t. Reality out of reach, Hyder slowly loses his mind,.

It all begins when Hyder awakes in a prison, held captive by an unknown assailant. He finds Dave, cuffed and weak, together with the help of a hooded man they escape. Once freed of danger, or so Hyder thinks, the hooded questions Hyder, unhappy with the answers, he holds Hyder’s head underwater until his body becomes lifeless. Hyder violently wakes up, covered in sweat and consumed by fear. Was he dreaming?

On his way to work, Hyder sees a familiar face on TV, was it the man from his dream? It cant be.
Days pass, the man’s face still burned into Hyder’s memories, yet nothing comings of it. Until this man, Dave finds Hyder in his dreams. The words spoken take Hyder by surprise. Hyder wakes up captivated by what happened. Now determined to find Dave, he goes on a search.

Meanwhile, Whisper, an evil organization set on altering mind control, continues to look for Dave. They fear Dave’s research will out them to the world. Kyle a fearless killer, sets out to find Dave, and end him.

Whisper, a century-old organization, sets to protect consciousness, in the Prime world, and multiverses.
At the hands of Elijh, an entity as old as Babylon consults the wise man “Phistam”. With new orders, he embarks on a quest to find and protect Hyder.

The race begins, who will find Dave first, Hyder? Kyle? What is real and what is made up, our heroes will soon find out.

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Overview –
Dreams are fragments of our imagination. Past memories, hidden thoughts which come to life when we sleep. This is what scientists believe, though many disagree with this hypothesis.

For decades scientists have attempted to uncover the mysteries of dreams. The more they learned, the less they understood. What is consciousness really, and where does it come from. Do we have control of our own decisions or walk down a predetermined path. What if these dreams are not the creation of our imagination but glimpses from another universe.

Some believe there are parallel universes, where entirely different lives exist.

This particular TV Series explores the possibility that when someone lucid dreams, their consciousness is transported to their body a different universe. The adventure lies in what will be uncovered under these circumstances.

Ishim, old as Enki, Protector of the universes, fights being from all dimensions.

Whisper, with their technology, are taking control of multiverse, controlling these world and handing them over to the highest bidder.

Follow on on this journey through the multiverses, discover what is real and what is a dream.

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