girl in red – we fell in love in october

hey! if u want to u can listen on spotify or any other place u listen to music 😀 song is written, recorded, produced and mixed my me 🙂
my instagram:
director insta: @peterxtheisen
i made this music video with peter theisen amlie, marius moe gilboe, håkon skaftå and mina rodahl! thank you so much to them for making this happen 🙂


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  1. thank you so much guys!! <3 love u!

  2. Before:I liked this song because it reminded me of stranger things Now: I listen to this song because I might be bi and I’m still figuring myself out

  3. i’m a straight dude but i just can’t stop listening to this song

  4. La canción es buena no lo niego, me gusta, soy heterosexual
    Pero es muy tonto que algunas personas te digan que por escucharla o cantarla esta mal porque no eres gey o de la comunidad lgbt eso me parece una tontería, Mucho texto :v

  5. I dedicate it to my cousin because she is my girl

  6. Ngl, homophobes be kinda gay.

  7. Brasileiro cade vcs ?? 🇧🇷🤚🏻

  8. ive rewatched this so many times its not even okay-

  9. An awakening has just occurred

  10. Will anybody be my girl my girl my girl my girl?! 🥺🥺🥺

  11. Lo peor de oír está canción es que en vez de sentirme feliz me siento tan triste, siento una sensación muy rara, por qué me la dedicaron y siento tanto no corresponderle a esa chica, yo la amo, pero estoy muy confundida, al oír está canción lloro porque no puedo contener el que ella me amé tanto para decir que nos casemos…

  12. wait, you listen to girl in red?
    me, a gay man: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  13. jan: straight
    feb: straight
    march: straight
    april: still straight 🙂
    mai: there's this girl..
    june: bi..?
    july: bi!
    august: pan?
    september: yes I may be pan.
    october: or maybe lesbian?
    november: pretty sure I'm a lesbian
    december: yes lesbian!
    january: maybe I'm demisexual..
    oh man this never ends XD

  14. 2020:
    January: Les????
    February: Straight?
    March: Straight
    April: Straight
    May: Bi?
    June: Bi
    July: Bi
    August: Bi
    September: Bi
    October: Bi (and i fell in love)
    November: Bi
    December: Bi?

    January: Les??

    I'll keep you guys updated 😀

  15. “We fell in love in October”

    Me: I’m assuming it was October 11th?

  16. I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia why would i be scared.

    Morgan freeman

  17. so is!! It is easy to compose but it is not easy to sell, however good piece

  18. i love this song so much bc i fell in love with my bestie in october

  19. This is one of my favorite songs ever! I literally just discovered girl in red yesterday and already I like her music. (Straight btw as far as i know, hey the future changes people lol)

  20. I fell in love with him in October 🥺🥺

  21. 2016 : Straight
    2017 : Straight
    2018 : Straight
    2019 (Jan-July): Bi curious
    2019 (July-Dec): Bi
    2020: Bi but I think I'm lesbian
    2021: Bi

  22. music that is worth listening to 🖤

  23. i bought one of your reccords a week ago and its supposed to come soon and im so happy

  24. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. Imagine cant listen to this without crying song cuz u and ur ex dedicated this at the same time??? Hahahahahahaha Thats me

  26. ماي قيرل ماي قيرل 😿😿😿🤟✨✨✨✨✨

  27. You will be My girl my girl