Florence + the Machine – The Chain (Glastonbury Festival 2010)

Florence + the Machine performing Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010.
I do not own the copyright for this song.


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  1. Feels weird not seeing her and her lead screaming the lyrics at each other

  2. That first "WOoooo!" at the start of the song was from a 40-something year-old mom who immediately recognized the song because she grew up with it 🙂

  3. My favorite Pre Raphaelite 🙂

  4. Guitar sounded out of tune to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. this is so cool, it makes me cry.

  6. Love Fleetwood Mac .
    Love The Machine .
    Love Florence.
    What’s not to like .

  7. Damn the dark damn the light

  8. Sensacional Cover!! Ficou tão boa quanto a original!!

  9. See. That's what people did in the olden days: congregate in crowds to listen to live ,music.

  10. There once was a girl that sang all day and all night the year was 1986.33yrs later she's taking the world by storm that girls name is florence. Leon. T. M welch… ♥️✨🇮🇪

  11. Not as good as Fleetwood Mac.

  12. Absolutely amazing. no more, thx.

  13. Now I'm a fan! What a great cover.

  14. I love how only half the croud had any clue what was happening and how the song went 😂

  15. This was intense damn

  16. Still can't beat the original but she wasn't trying to she's just performing a tribute to a song she loves and it shows good luck to her honest interpetation of it

  17. I'm Fucking sorry but I had to turn this off at 1:52… it started off so well with the bands instruments, but then she started singing and FUCK ME SHE FUCKING BUTCHERED IT STRAIGHT AWAY!… why can't people just leave well alone and stop Fucking Butchering classics! =/

  18. Such an amazing cover of the greatest song ever. The guitar playing was awesome.

  19. Watching this in 2020 is stressful

  20. She opens her mouth, and my hairs stand on end.

  21. Have no clue who Florence is but thank yooooouuuu thank youu for covering this epic song, so the youth of today have a chance to hear it!!! Really great!

  22. ¿Hay algo que está mujer no pueda hacer?

  23. I had goosebumps the whole time 😍

  24. BTW folks, that's a man pretending to be a female singer. So obvious.

  25. Que belíssima homenagem Fleetwood Mac ❤ Florence + The Machine

  26. She what I think Mother Nature would look like

  27. Rubbished it please don’t sing again

  28. She's a cool bitch. She was more interested in listening to the song than performing it.


  30. OMG she is so talented love live music how does she jump around and sing so clearly without loosing her breathe on on key far out a pleasure to watch love Florence and the Machine love Fleetwood Mac

  31. So Fleetwood Mac was prolly the favorite band of a sweet girl I met off Bumble a few months ago, followed by Harry Styles and Florence… and then I find out back to back that they both covered The Chain.

    That's one damn effective way for the universe to remind me of her.

  32. It’s better played on Cocaine