The House Exclusive Long Trailer – Live Stream Show of the Haunted House – Conjuring Movie

#TheHouse Exclusive Long Trailer – Live Stream Show of the #HauntedHouse – #ConjuringMovie

Release: 05/09/2020
While many of us revel in the perks of an extended staycation, one family’s quarantine situation is almost unthinkable, and they want to give you a front row seat to see what their terrifying lives are like in the real-life Conjuring House. From May 9 to May 16 ,

* – Watch the First 2 frighting movies this based on.The Conjuring/The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield Case [DVD]

The Dark Zone Network proudly presents a 24-7 interactive live streaming event like no other, entitled “The House.” “The House “ is a week-long immersive experience documenting the daily lives of Corey and Jennifer Heinzen, the current residents of the notorious haunted house made famous by the hit film, “The Conjuring;” which chronicled the experiences of the house’s former residents, The Perron family. A little over a year ago the Heinzens moved into the house thinking they could handle whatever came their way; after all, they are paranormal investigators themselves. Almost immediately after the family moved in, paranormal activity reached a fevered pitch, and now they need your help to figure out what lurks in the house with them.

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  1. THE HOUSE can be viewed exclusively on the world’s first and only paranormal-themed OTT platform, The Dark Zone Network ( The Dark Zone Network is a one-stop-shop for all things paranormal. In addition to being the premier hub for paranormal-themed content, it’s also a community where enthusiasts from all over the world can congregate, share evidence, and broadcast their own content as well. THE HOUSE is an event you won’t want to miss. To view a 24-hour session of the broadcast will cost $4.99, while $19.99 will get you full access to the entire week. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to COVID related charities. There will be a free live preview on May 8 at 8 pm ET. Discounted advanced tickets will be available on May 1, 2020.

  2. Damn bullshit, it's all about money these days, you can't trust if you're watching is true..

  3. CAN YOU SAY CHA CHA CHA CHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ DOLLA DOLLA BILL YALL ////// LMAO FUCKING FO REAL SCAM

  4. Those people need to help the spirits! It's fun and all…. but they need help to go to the place where they can continue in peace….

  5. 2:50 i think you can see the string that pulled that object

  6. The Heinzen family turned that house into a gold mine, their son spends his holidays in Paris lol

  7. What an awesome week that was!! I hope they consider doing it again.

  8. It's the real deal but you have to respect why they are charging the money but I agree should be like 10 bucks people are low on money right now, but that's just me.


  10. Sorry but ya won't catch me standing next to that black whole.

  11. Someone exposed your livestream for inviting demons

  12. I can't wait to see another conjuring movie based on that family

  13. What a load of shit! We are in quarantine so no work, no money! Oh lets stage some fake shit to earn money to feed the family🤦🏻‍♂️ come on man biggest bull 💩 ever! And pay £20! Hahahha Nice try though 👍

  14. Why should we pay for this shit

  15. Not gonna pay 20 dollars are u mad just to see some shit happen I wanna see someone possessed if imma pay it

  16. sorry but the shutdown has effected allot of ppl and i dont have money to just stare at a house. no matter how much i love the stories and history of it all.

  17. I’d do it for free. Their stories might be true, but too many things can be staged or faked. I use to help with a theatrical seance and was able to make things move, lights go on and off, etc. So many things can be done remotely or with strings invisible to the naked eye.

  18. Why would they even buy the house😑😑😑

  19. How many times do you think you’ll see the cameras get moved

  20. Channel ? Timing ? Provide full details please.

  21. Alright this shits gonna be crazy

  22. Yeah if I come back alive the first time then I’ll do it again