Lord Huron – Meet Me In The Woods


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  1. This song will always remind me of her

  2. I love this song, this song marked my new me, my favorite song in the world.

  3. Man. I haven't listen to Lord Huron. In years

  4. Whenever I listen it it feels me like that there are many good and happy things in life…so stay living bruh!❤️

  5. This song is based on teenage couple who have recently broken up ..but still have hope of being together…both are thinking of each other while listening it… especially the starting tone 0:10

  6. This song make me wanna live lonley at a pine florest at a wood hut.

  7. Meet me in the woods as I still am in love with your face, your smell, your laugh. Just want to hold you only one more time.

  8. leave a like if u listening at 2021

  9. So did I and now I see what you see , now I got a legion that follows all of me and yes the truth is strange Jesus please forgive me and set me free

  10. My dad likes this song more than I do

  11. This sounds eerily similar to "Stay Alive" by Roo Panes.

  12. I love how they sound reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks

  13. Someday I will share this song with someone who will love it as much as I do


  14. I can't explain to you what I've been through, or what I've seen.
    But… I know it's bad, and I don't wish it upon anyone.
    And I see it in your eyes, the same pain and shadows that linger.
    A phantom that causes you to flinch as it haunts you,
    Unable to look away from the pain that you've felt.
    I hate it for you. I wish I could take it away, but all I have is a sword
    And the words 'I love you' on the tip of my tongue.
    I want to tell you; I want you to hear them so that you know
    That your world isn't crumbling around you and
    Your house isn't burning down, either.
    It's okay, I'm here. I can't fix your past, but what I can do
    Is show you that you deserve better, you always did.
    You'll never know how deeply you mean to me,
    Because like you I'm broken, living in a different time.
    But I do love you, and I'll show you every day.

  15. "I have seen what the darkness does
    Say goodbye to who i was"

    The darkness is difficult to understand or capture.. and what it can do.. can be beautiful, it can be frightening..

    It seems today i have seen plenty how some people, their outlooks, beliefs , may seem away from the light.
    Take me for example.. like that of a fallen angel, I have seen proof of spirituality, especially myself and have an idea of the spiritual war that exists today.. there are so many different understandings, souls and their perspectives. May we each find our peace, conquer our journeys and what we believe is best.

    Question is.. what is best to you?

  16. song: begins
    me: “yes i know that love is like— wait what”

  17. Someone else getting the "I'm a serial killer and want to lure you in the woods" vibes? Love the song but the lyrics have something creepy and dark about them.

  18. Don't know why, but this song keeps reminding me of Cayde-6 from Destiny.

  19. Can anyone's make me feel special? Like this song does

  20. it sounds like Night We Met

  21. deep within the forest/woods
    their is a Talking Tree

    In the woods we go camping with your friend's and talk about scary stories

    life in the forest feels like you're living in a fantasy and imagination where fairies , unicorns , deers , rabbits , owls , magickal and mythical beasts roam the area's

    traveling to a haunted hoia baicu forest be like
    meet me in the woods tonight.

  22. I just miss my family more than anything. Holidays are not holidays without them.

  23. That feeling when you right a better 80's song than 80's musicians.

  24. This past year I had a near death experience and this song is exactly the words I've been looking for

  25. *sigh* no one writes I-came-back-to-life-all-wrong like Lord Huron

  26. The beauty of this song commes
    the dark meaning

  27. Lord Huron is slowly becoming the soundtrack to the book I'm writing, these songs truly set the scene and vibe of my story. <3

  28. contact demons heerhugowaard stop contact ask foorgivenis jesus

  29. I'm just imagining a detailed gravity falls PMV/AMV with this music, I can see it perfectly…. but I can't draw

  30. Ik kylie wont see this but r u okay? U choose this song for the presentation

  31. The background music really sounds like the night we met

  32. my mom has pretty good music taste ngl

  33. I flew from Philly to Seattle and saw these guys at Sasquatch Festival in 2016. This song speaks to me beyond words.

  34. Top. My frind music what love 💕❤

  35. I hate how this song makes me feel. But I think some part of me is ok with it.

  36. This hits different after going through some shit

  37. This song reminds me of when I had depression real bad. It really changes how you think of things, ya know?

  38. Wow this is one of the few times I'd thank YouTube recommendation algo

  39. that would be perfect background music (only music and not the song) for the game called ,,Night in woods'' It is not a scary game.

  40. doesn't this song sound EXACTLY like love like ghosts?