Our Favourite TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

Our Favourite TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

Netflix really is an embarrassment of riches right now. There’s something for absolutely everyone, whether you’re into prestige period dramas or science fiction or anything in between. With so much content available to choose from, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and not to know where to start. If you’re having that problem, we’re here to help you. We’ve assembled a list of our very favourite shows on Netflix right now, so you don’t need to make the decision for yourself. There’s a good chance you’ve watched some of these already; if that’s the case, why not rewatch? You’re bound to notice new details the second time around!


The Crown

Everybody loves a good old-fashioned British prestige drama, right? Well, no, not everyone. However, if you’re looking for a staggeringly well-acted show full of the best British acting talent around, look no further than Peter Morgan’s mannered period piece. The latest season focuses on historical figures with whom you might be familiar; Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and even former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher all make appearances. The performances are, as you might expect, stunning.


Emily in Paris

There’s a debate raging right now about how much of Emily in Paris is actually accurate and how much of it is invention on the part of the showrunners. We think we speak for the viewing public when we say that we don’t care how much of it is real; we’re here for the frothy, surface-level evocation of Paris’ beauty and sophistication. Despite some sniffy critical reviews, it seems the general populace is fond of Emily in Paris; check out this Betway infographic for some fun stats about the show, including some surprising Billboard chart placements!

Breaking Bad

What list of excellent Netflix TV shows would be complete without the kingpin (ahem) of them all? Breaking Bad was more than just a showcase for Bryan Cranston’s acting talent. It was also a portrait of a complex character ostensibly forced into bad circumstances but potentially living a dream he’d always secretly harboured. If rumours that Breaking Bad is leaving Netflix in 2021 turn out to be true, you should get this on your to-watch list immediately, along with its sequel show Better Call Saul.

Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker’s warped, skewed vision of the world continues to feel strong and relevant all the way into 2021. No matter what your particular predilection for science fiction, you’re bound to find something in Black Mirror that suits your tastes. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous (no pun intended), then why not check out the interactive fiction drama Bandersnatch from the same team? It’s a bold, creative new direction for TV, even if it doesn’t always quite land.

Tiger King

We’d be fools if we didn’t mention this cultural phenomenon. Carole Baskin’s purported guilt aside, Tiger King is a riveting watch, the kind of show that keeps revealing new directions in which to travel and wrong-foots you at every possible turn. Joe Exotic is a fascinating, magnetic figure, at once likeable and clearly not quite all there. Nicolas Cage is reportedly in talks to play the animal lover, which would clearly be the greatest casting ever conceived of by anyone.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Woe betide anyone who writes off the excellent Nickelodeon classic Avatar: The Last Airbender as just a cartoon. Put all thoughts of the woeful M. Night Shyamalan adaptation out of your mind; Aang’s journey is a beautifully-drawn, wonderfully-written odyssey through a classical Asian-inspired landscape. The battle scenes are clearly inspired by anime, but there’s a decidedly more Western slant to this show, which contains some of the most unforgettable characters ever committed to animation.

Schitt’s Creek

Yes, the title may be a little too close to schoolboy puns to be truly funny, but the show is infinitely more sophisticated and enjoyable. A rich family loses all of its money and must relocate to a more modest location in order to regroup. What follows is a funny, occasionally touching, and very astute social drama with plenty of excellent performances. The first season is a little shaky, but the second season is where the show truly begins to shine.

Stranger Things

The audience for Stranger Things is very particular. If you’re not a fan of Stephen King’s writing – and there are plenty who aren’t – then you might find its blend of 80s nostalgia and conspiracy horror a little off-putting. For everyone else, however, Stranger Things is a balm, a reminder of a better era when The Goonies and Poltergeist ruled the roost. The plotting, performances, and general aesthetic of the show are all excellent, and while some character moments have proved controversial, it’s a pacy romp.

History of Swear Words

This one is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Hosted by – of all people – Nicolas Cage, this sweary documentary breaks down different curse words throughout history. There are six episodes on offer, each of which focuses on a different word, Bill Hicks-style. It’s a surprisingly involving, well-told story, and Nicolas Cage’s slightly unhinged presence makes things feel even more engaging. If you’ve ever wondered where the swear words you use (or perhaps don’t use) on a regular basis come from, then this is absolutely the show for you.

These are just some of our favourite shows on Netflix right now. Of course, there are plenty of other shows available if these don’t scratch your itch, so be sure to grab a subscription and take a look!

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