THE WALKING DEAD Season 10C Official Trailer [HD] Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Check out the official trailer for The Walking Dead season 10C
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Release Date: February 28th, 2021
Cast: Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride

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  1. Sturmtruppler sind auch dabei 😂

  2. Ow shit, Karen is here, Negan RUNN!!!

  3. The reason why i wait for this season is for my boi Negan.

  4. wtf even is the walking dead anymore😔

  5. The season 6 thumbnail 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Shit negan having some mental breakdown

  7. Evil people aren't the acception to the rule they r the rule omg

  8. no gender fluid zombies? wow…im out! more socialism anyone?:)

  9. hope andrew lincoln is back as a hero in ending, what a surprise🤗🤗🤗

  10. Negans backstory will be a great episode can’t wait

  11. Stopped watching TWD because it got so boring, Negan was the best villain imo but then turned soft and that killed it for me and when Rick was out i was totally done. And now they have freaking storm troopers 🤣what the hell is this even.


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  14. Will new seasons come to Netflix?

  15. Negan : Can’t wait to start the new chapter in the book of Negan.
    Carol : Not yet, I need some time.
    Negan : 😕
    Daryl : Let’s deal with the whisperers first
    Negan : 🙃
    Lydia : You’re staying?
    Negan : For now 😌
    Maggie : What the hell is he doing here?
    Negan : 😔

  16. Little Pig, Little Pig… let me in ⛓

  17. They have Stormtroopers now.

  18. 0:33 откуда ты взяла такую прическу?

  19. Why is this 10c and not season 11?

  20. Negan: killed Glen and Abraham, and a lot of good people die because of him but every fan still loves him

  21. Cadê o mais importante no caso o Rick?

  22. Little pig little pig let me in

  23. Who's still waiting for season 10 to come out in netflix but watches this anyway?

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