Is Indie Gaming Leading to Changing Expectations ?

   Is Indie Gaming Leading to Changing Expectations?

Different platforms have been successful in many different ways at pushing certain genres – the big triple A titles have always been reserved for the more dedicated consoles and PC gaming, mobile gaming has made waves for the smaller developers and more niche games particularly in sectors such as gambling as online lotteries and casinos have thrived, particularly with bigger bonus as PA online lottery bonus code have been a big winner throughout the start of the year – the big difference has been within indie games which have had their fair share of spread throughout different platforms, but could recent success in the indie gaming market be leading to changing expectations in gaming as a whole?

Big titles recently have come in different shapes and sizes – one of the biggest had come with Among Us which had already been released for two years by the time it had become popular and had seen a huge surge of users because of rising fame from big Twitch streamers, although it certainly wasn’t a polished completed title, it delivered the features many had come to expect. Similarly, other titles like Rust found the same success through Twitch streamers, and the latest big release of Valheim into the survival space has shown a smaller game less than 1GB can be just as successful as the hard hitters too. These three titles amongst others have all had a similar approach – not entirely completed, still with bugs, but delivering features players want without wavering on certain aspects that fall outside of their initial goals for the game.

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This changing in expectations isn’t only happening because of the success found in indie games, however, but also because of the failures from the hard hitters in the industry – recent huge releases through the likes of Cyberpunk have fallen flatter than many had hope, in some part through the huge expectations placed on the game, but also as the issues found within the game had many fans frustrated expecting something more polished and complete, and with little done to date to address these issues it only adds to the frustration – and this is just one of many games that have followed a similar path in recent years as the push from AAA studios to get new titles out has somewhat diminished quality massively, with microtransactions and early releases only souring the experience further for many users too.

Whether or not this is leading to changing expectations in gaming as a whole is only something that can be speculated, but it is certainly leading to the growing success of these games and moving forward there are certainly many players that would much prefer a cheaper, but well designed indie game over an expensive and unpolished AAA game, and so can certainly be viewed that way – if the poor releases continue moving forward, there could be some tough questions around why the smaller teams are doing things much better, and what’s going wrong from the bigger developers that the games being put out are struggling to perform so well.

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