Donald Trump Removed from White House. Hilarious Funny Video RIP 🤣😅

#DonaldTrump Removed from White House. #Hilarious #FunnyVideo RIP 🤣😅

Who made this , not us ..? 🥰😇

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  1. 0:00 me when I have to leave urban air

  2. Two old hags duking it out in front of school children Hahahah

  3. Mr president give the ball to someone else 😀

  4. Where’s the secret service

  5. Best video of the year! lol"

  6. I hope nothing bad happens

  7. Everybody knows WHO steals the votes. The result is pending…. More and more evidence around USA!

    Pov: Donald trump was In Kindergarten(because his brain is stupid like kindergarten kids) and biden is his father so It was time for Donald trump to go home and biden was dragging Him Out of kindergarten

  9. who ever disliked this is plain STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally a real president. cant believe i survived 4 years with that bonehead. this should get more likes.

  10. Well this mean u have too go don't let this happen Mr. President , then u really going too be dragged out of there then u either walk or u will be put out of the white house really ! This would really happen let just be civil about this matter let just walk tall and go the way u come in the white house !

  11. You know I was just laughing when Trump and his supporters laughing at media’s saying who’s the president because when I go ask them this “who’s our president of 2020 then?” The answer would be “Joe Biden” :/

  12. SOURCE:

    Parnas dinner video at 40 minutes 45 seconds, after being told Ukraine had most oil in Europe, trump asked how long they would last without aide, he was told not very long. That's motive and intent. he later withheld the aid, knowing well the repercussions

    perhaps I can explain it better this way,  if i advise you your fish would die if you toss a salt bottle in its bowl, and you toss a salt bottle in its bowl, it is appropriate to conclude you wanted that fish to die.

    Trump explicitly asked  "How long would they last in a fight with Russia?" which is a problem in itself (when is it appropriate to ask that, why would he want to know the answer to that?)  but worst yet, he shouldn't have been withholding funds after being informed that our allies would suffer over of it.

    Trump should have been impeached.

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