Pokemon as Superheroes Part 2 – (Sylveon Sailor Moon, Lugia Batman and more!)

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That’s right! We’re back drawing more Pokémon as Superheroes! The follow up to one of my most popular videos. (If you haven’t seen the first episode, go check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5olZhIUxAeI )
This time we’re doing another 7. Some of them were requested by the PopCross Community, some were chosen by me, and some we randomly pickl from random, mystery Pokémon booster packs.

If you’re cool with spoilers, here are the Pokémon we draw today:
Blastoise, Sylveon, Flygon, Gardevoir, Vikavolt, Quilava and Lugia

What do you think of this collection vs the first set of Pokemon Superhero’s?! Let me know your favourites of the two videos in the comments below!


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