San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Cosplay Music Video 2016

Check out our San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2016 Cosplay music video!

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Music: Hero by Pinkzebra

Special thanks to everyone included in the video
Archer11 Cosplay
Harlequin and Hazel
Eiraina Ladell Cosplay
Diadeverde87 Cosplay
Luster’s Workshop
Kitty Mach
Jessica Nigri
Stella Chuu
Gary of Sneaky Zebra
Viva Wonder Woman
Kitty Young
Bernie Bregman
Leanna Vamp
Katy Mor
Michael Huffman
Loki Hates You
Ashlynne Dae
Todd Cook
Tatiana DeKhtyar
Ruby Commando Costumes

Video filmed and edited by:
Eric Christopher Photography and Film

Additional Support
Johnny Ace

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